Salt City Cuisine: A characteristic style of Sichuan Cuisine

By Yuan Fang
Print E-mail, August 1, 2016

Salt City Cuisine (Yan Bang Cai in pinyin) from Chinese salt city Zigong is a characteristic style of Sichuan Cuisine and orginated from the drainage basin of the ancient Lushu River in southern Sichuan during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It has three major flavors: spicy, pungent, and sour and sweet. This style of cuisine is very particular about ingredients and seasoning, and is liberal in the use of peppercone and ginger. Like other styles of Sichuan Cuisine, Salt City Cuisine has a wide variety of cooking methods like frying, stir-frying, stewing and simmering. A distinct feature of the cuisine is cooking ingredients in hot chili oil is. Representative dishes are Huo Bian Zi Niu Rou (火边子牛肉), Shui Zhu Niu Rou(水煮牛肉), Ju Hua Niu Rou(菊花牛肉), Fen Zheng Niu Rou(粉蒸牛肉) and Zuan Zi Lu Niu Rou(钻子卤牛肉). [Photo provided to]

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