Recommended sites for flower admiring in Sichuan

By Liu Sitong
Print E-mail May 17, 2018
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The eco-tourism association of Sichuan released a list of most recommended flower admiring sites in the province earlier this month.


This is the tenth of such lists published by the organization this year. It includes 33 sites in 8 prefecture-level regions that are given three stars ratings for achieving blooming rates above 65 percent.


Some of the most appealing features on offer are listed below.


1. Hollyhock or Althaea rosea

Recommended site for viewing: Xianhua Shangu in Zhuanlong town, Jintang county, Chengdu city


2. Bougainvillea spectabilis

Recommended site for viewing: Hua Wu Renjian scenic area in Xinjin county, Chengdu city


3. Chinese rose

Recommended site for viewing: Tianfu Huaxigu scenic area in Jinxing township, Dayi county, Chengdu city


4. Rose

Recommended site for viewing: Jinlan Huagu scenic area in Jinping town, Yibin city


5. Rhododendron

Recommended sites for viewing: Longzhou Mountain in Miyi county and Longtou Mountain in Hongbao township, Yanbian county, both in Panzhihua city


6. Jacaranda mimosifolia

Recommended sites for viewing: Xifo Temple in Xiqu district and Dahuadi community in Dongqu district, both in Panzhihua city


7. Delonix regia or flame tree

Recommended sites for viewing: Panzhihua Park and Fenghuanghua Park, both in Dongqu district, Panzhihua city

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