Wangcang county presents ideal tourism destination

By Liu s
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Wangcang county in northern Sichuan. [Photo/]

Located on the northern edge of Sichuan Basin, south of Micang Mountains, Wangcang county in Guangyuan has been striving to built itself into a wellness tourism destination in recent years, attracting visitors from all around.


The county boasts unique landscape, best represented by the drum-shaped Gucheng Mountains, Qianlong Ponds, Yueya’er Waterfall, and Luting Hot Spring.


Rich biodiversity can be discovered in the region. A total of 34 animal species and 14 plant species are under national protection, including Neofelis nebulosa, Aquila chrysaetos, and Chinese yew.


As of 2017, the county has hosted nine sessions of Micang Mountains red foliage festival, taking advantage of breathtaking views of sweeping forests of Fagus longipetiolata, maple, and gingko across the bountiful mountains.


Wangcang is an important planting area of yellow tea (huangcha in Chinese), a rare and expensive variety with similar health qualities of green tea but mellower tastes that make great souvenir options.


Statistics show that yellow tea planting bases of 333 hectares have been built in the county. The output volume is estimated to reach 200 tons by 2020.


The county also has rich red tourism resources. The site of the Mumen Meeting in Mumen town and the Red Army City in Donghe town, which used to be the headquarters of the Sichuan Shaanxi revolutionary base, have been listed as national patriotic education bases. 

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