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FM Press Releases
China firmly opposes US sanctions against its company
​A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Tuesday expressed firm opposition to U.S. sanctions against a Chinese firm, saying China will resolutely protect its company's legitimate interests and reserve its right to take further action.
No external forces allowed to disrupt Hong Kong
The Chinese government absolutely does not allow any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs or disrupt Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.
China appreciates Maldivian FM's remarks on bilateral ties
​China appreciated Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid's remarks on bilateral relations and Belt and Road cooperation, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said Tuesday.
China urges US not to politicize religion, interfere in internal affairs
​China urged the United States to stop politicizing religious issues and interfering in other countries' internal affairs, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday.
China urges European side to stop interfering in HK affairs
China has urged the European side to respect China's sovereignty and basic facts after the European Parliament passed a motion on Hong Kong affairs Thursday.
US urged to stop interference by using religious issues
China on Thursday slashed U.S. President Donald Trump's meeting with so-called "Chinese victims of religious persecution," urging the U.S. side to stop using religious issues to interfere in its internal affairs.
New tariffs will create obstacles for China-US trade consultations
China has always advocated resolving economic and trade issues with the United States through dialogue and consultations and has always been sincere in such consultations, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.
Stable Chinese growth benefits world, US economies
The stable growth of the Chinese economy is good for the world economy and the U.S. economy as well, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.
China, France to hold consultation for strategic dialogue
The French president's diplomatic counselor Emmanuel Bonne will visit China on July 19 to hold a new round of consultation between the coordinators for the China-France Strategic Dialogue, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang announced Monday.
China investigating drug case involving Canadian
China said Monday the public security authority in eastern Shandong Province recently uncovered a drug case involving foreign students, including a Canadian citizen.
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