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Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 more months behind bars
A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to another 43 months behind bars on conspiracy charges.
Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in jail
Paul Manafort, U.S. President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, was sentenced to 47 months in federal prison for tax and bank fraud on Thursday, much shorter than expected.
Second patient believed to be cured of AIDS
A London patient has become the second known man worldwide to be cleared of AIDS virus after receiving a bone marrow transplant from an HIV resistant donor, according to his doctor.
US Senator Bernie Sanders runs for presidency again
Bernie Sanders, a self-styled Democratic socialist and 2016 Democratic primary runner-up, announced to run for presidency in 2020.
Bill and Melinda Gates: 9 things we didn't see coming
Bill and Melinda Gates shared their 2019 Annual Letter "Things We Didn't See Coming" on Feb. 12, 2019.
Prince Philip surrenders driver's license after crash
British Prince Philip gave up his driver's license at his age of 97, according to a royal family statement during the weekend, after his involvement in a car accident north of London a month ago.
UK foreign secretary hints at Brexit 'extra time'
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told the BBC "extra time" may be needed to finalize the legislation around the country's exit from the European Union, known as Brexit, which is scheduled for March 29.
Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe case
​Roger Stone, former campaign adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges stemming from the ongoing Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller.
China has no wish to be America's enemy
China has no wish to be the United States' enemy and it would be unwise and wrong for the U.S. to antagonize a country that shares extensive common interests, a Chinese media expert said.
Joseph Nye: China, US not in 'cold war', but cooperative rivalry

Despite the rivalry evident in China-U.S. relations, cooperation is more important than ever, advised prominent U.S. political scientist Dr. Joseph S. Nye during an exclusive interview with Wang Xiaohui, editor-in-chief of, on Jan. 10.

Exclusive interview: Joseph Nye on US-China relations and soft power

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