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Trump's anti-testing policies put lives of Americans at risk
President Donald Trump's reported plan to cut spending on COVID-19 testing to slim down the number of new cases will undermine the ability of the United States to combat the pandemic, and put the lives of Americans at risk.
Huge achievements in China-Saudi relations
Diplomatic relations between China and Saudi Arabia have been steadily moving forward over the last three decades. There are many reasons for this progress, but the most important is mutual respect for the values of the other side.
Dark clouds over the US economy
Fumbling and bumbling at both federal and state levels mean the overall prospects for the real economy in the U.S. are worse than at any time since the 1930s.
America needs new regulations on air travel
Travel in China is a much better experience than in the United States, which has a lot to learn in regard to the way passengers are treated.
World Blood Donor Day more critical than ever
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, blood donations are at alarmingly low levels in most countries, which makes the World Blood Donor Day especially important this year.
COVID-19 in West Africa: Let's prepare for a long-distance run
Medical practitioners from the African continent should own the narrative of the current pandemic and take advantage of our experience of such outbreaks in order to mount a tailored response.
American jealousy over China's successful response
White House advisor Peter Navarro is angry that China is opening up faster than America, and the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland is just one example of his frustration.
Coronavirus is top issue in South Korean election
South Korea will hold a national election on April 15, and, after facing initial criticism over his COVID-19 policy, President Moon Jae-in has been vindicated and looks set to stay in office.
G20 virtual summit sets right direction for international cooperation
The Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit produced some immediate actions to enhance global cooperation. If multilateralism cannot be restored during a pandemic, when will it be restored?
US pressure pushes Iran further right
Donald Trump's policy of "Maximum Pressure" on Iran has backfired, making the country more conservative to rapprochement with the West.
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