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COVID-19 in West Africa: Let's prepare for a long-distance run
Medical practitioners from the African continent should own the narrative of the current pandemic and take advantage of our experience of such outbreaks in order to mount a tailored response.
American jealousy over China's successful response
White House advisor Peter Navarro is angry that China is opening up faster than America, and the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland is just one example of his frustration.
Coronavirus is top issue in South Korean election
South Korea will hold a national election on April 15, and, after facing initial criticism over his COVID-19 policy, President Moon Jae-in has been vindicated and looks set to stay in office.
G20 virtual summit sets right direction for international cooperation
The Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit produced some immediate actions to enhance global cooperation. If multilateralism cannot be restored during a pandemic, when will it be restored?
US pressure pushes Iran further right
Donald Trump's policy of "Maximum Pressure" on Iran has backfired, making the country more conservative to rapprochement with the West.
Will the US-Taliban deal bring peace to Afghanistan?
The path to a lasting peace in Afghanistan is arduous but not impossible as the various factions get ready to talk on top of a U.S.-Taliban agreement.
After Brexit, what might lie in wait for the UK
Amid all the euphoria among the pro-Brexit elements in the U.K. over the divorce from the EU becoming final, the future is fraught with difficulties for the country and its people.
Geopolitics and the future of Europe in 2020
With Brexit a clearer possibility for the U.K. after the Conservative Party's decisive victory, many challenges still exist on how the U.K. will renegotiate its relationship with the EU and how the EU itself will transition without Britain.
Britain's 'Brexit' election
British PM Johnson's decisive electoral victory bolsters his efforts to get Britain out of the EU, but this could have a significant impact on Britain's economy and its electorate.
UK PM trumps Labor leader in televised debate
UK PM Johnson seems to have trumped his Labor opponent in a national televised debate according to a public poll, as Labor's more nuanced and layered positions on Brexit and national affairs fails to compel.
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