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China-ASEAN partnership example of strengthening multilateral cooperation
The China-ASEAN partnership continues to be an example of how strengthening multilateral cooperation can be achieved without leaning toward protectionism, unilateralism, or economic nationalism.
​BRI promotes global development through win-win cooperation
Marking a decade, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) stands as a beacon of global partnership, catalyzing shared growth and championing cooperative achievements across continents.
Putting China-Zambia ties in top gear
During a recent visit from Zambian president, China announced that it was ready to transform their profound traditional friendship into a strong driving force for win-win cooperation.
Extreme weather could get worse
As we near the end of the summer, climate scientists warn that the unprecedentedly high temperatures and weather disasters we have seen this year can be considered the "new normal."
Our summer pests risk becoming year-round pests
As the climate warms, tropical diseases are now sweeping across Europe and Sweden. Our leaders must wake up and realize that these diseases are no longer a distant threat.
Partisan politics drive anti-China rhetoric in US Congress
In the United States, both parties have reached a consensus on taking a tough stance against China. However, behind this, each party has its own political calculations and ambitions.
The pathway to China-Australia normalization
China and Australia held their first economic and trade dialogue since 2020 on Thursday, heralding a breakthrough in bilateral relations that have been frozen for years.
Why US adopts new EV rules
The U.S. has adopted new electric vehicle rules with an intention to contain the development of the EV industry of other countries, especially China. Such provisions not only create a "double discrimination" against Chinese EV makers, but also will ultimately undermine the clean energy transition across the world.
African countries benefit from BRI
The BRI has proven itself as a pivotal platform for mutual cooperation, facilitating nations in sharing opportunities and seeking common development. The African continent exemplifies such collaborative growth.
​US strategy of 'de-risking' cannot guarantee its hegemony
Through restrictions and embargoes, the U.S. is seeking to cut off China's access to high-end tech. However, this approach comes with significant risks and uncertain outcomes.
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