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EU: Looking back and looking ahead
With the changeover of leadership in the European Commission, it is time to look back on the legacy of the outgoing President and consider the impact of his successor.
Bolton firing brings more instability to Trump admin
With the departure of John Bolton one day before September 11, does it mean Trump wants to change course?
The endless endgame in Afghanistan dashes hopes of peace
A gleam of hope that the four-decade-long violence in Afghanistan can end has wilted, as there is still much to do to achieve real peace.
Boris Johnson on the ropes
The risky high wire balancing act of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the volatile Brexit issue is heading for a disaster for him and his party.
PM Johnson stirs the pot with suspension of UK Parliament
As the U.K. nears its appointed Oct. 31 Brexit Day, PM Boris Johnson's move to suspend Parliament has provoked ire and opposition across the nation.
The dangers posed by Israeli attacks on three neighbors
​Israel's action to target pro-Iran military proxies in three neighboring countries threatens a dangerous escalation in the Middle East difficult to contain.
Brexit D-Day looms for British parliament
Parliament resumes on Sept. 3, no nearer a solution of the bitter row over Britain leaving the EU, with none of the Brexit options seemingly able to gain a majority.
Mass shootings and the American global image
Mass shootings continue to plague Americans accompanied by political paralysis in doing something to reduce the deadly scourge.
Can PM Boris Johnson break the Brexit impasse?
​New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is determined the U.K. will quit the EU on Oct. 31. It's all very murky, but he has some big British and American hitters in his corner.
​New UK government – Brexit or bust?
​Boris Johnson has been elevated to be Britain's new Prime Minister, but it remains debatable if he can stay long enough to celebrate.
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