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Peace in Afghanistan is near
Afghanistan and the U.S. have made great strides towards ending conflict but a lot more needs to be done to create a lasting peace.
The future of Sino-European relations
China and EU relations are unlikely to shift dramatically despite heightened scrutiny of Chinese investments by Europe.
EU and Arab League build new coordination mechanism
Leaders from European and Arab nations met in Egypt to talk about a promising new mechanism for cooperation on key issues in the region.
China and India lead the world in making the planet greener
Despite being castigated as the bad boys in causing environmental damage, a new study shows China and India are actually leading the way in creating a greener world.
China at the MSC: Building global responsibility
Speaking at the Munich Security Conference of 2019, Chinese Politbureau member Yang Jiechi underscored Beijing’s collaborative role in a foreign policy based on mutual respect, multilateralism and a shared future.
US-Europe divide more evident in Munich
The postwar alliance between Western Europe and the U.S. is rapidly unraveling, increasing global political uncertainty and providing fuel for many conflicts around the globe.
African Union works towards peace and security
The newly elected AU Chairperson Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will focus on peace and security on the African continent. However, more funding and support is needed to carry out this task.
Slow death of the INF treaty
Donald Trump's decision to scrap the INF Treaty with Russia is understandable in some ways, but there remains a definite need to find a better replacement.
Pakistan gears up for Chinese tourists
Increased travel to neighboring countries by Chinese citizens promises to be a game changer for the Pakistan tourist industry.
France and Germany move closer together to lead Europe
The agreement between France and Germany on greater bilateral cooperation is designed to further promote European peace and stability; yet, by seeking to isolate the U.S. and the U.K., it might create the opposite effect.
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