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China boosts regional connectivity via Greece in 16+1
The recent 16+1 summit highlighted the significant investment opportunities for China in European infrastructure projects. 
Trump, NATO, EU and liberal order
Trump's concerns over NATO are not new. They are valid long-term concerns of every single American taxpayer, and Europe continues to ignore it at its own peril.
​Supreme Court retirement triggers Republican-Democratic fight
With a position now open on the Supreme Court, Republicans and Democrats are fighting desperately to influence President Trump's choice, with Democrats eager to block another conservative-leaning justice.
Trump lights the wick of trade war with China
Trying to tilt the balance of power sharply in its favor will not make America "great again."
Ambiguity after EU immigration deal
Since the accord is ambiguous, the politicians can tell their voters back home that they have shown solidarity to stop illegal arrivals.
Nepal, China forge comprehensive partnership
Nepalese Prime Minister Oli's recent visit to China saw the two nations reaffirm their commitment to cooperation and mutual support, reflecting Nepal's growing confidence on the global political and economic stage.
Victory for the left in Mexico
The newly elected AMLO government will inherit a heavy burden of corruption, debt and inequality in Mexico.
Turkey's recent elections and the power of nationalism
The force of nationalism in Turkey, as well as other countries like Russia, should not be underestimated, as many countries are now factoring in religion and nationalism when choosing their leaders.
Trump's planned summit with Putin fraught with challenges
Despite the risks of concessions, Trump will be expecting results from his meeting with Putin, including striking a deal with Russia on an "exclusion zone" in Syria.
​Harvard causing 'brain drain' through discrimination against Asians
The discrimination has contributed over time to race-based exclusion and a less competitive student body.
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