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​Why NATO's decision to label China a 'systemic challenge' is absurd
NATO has controversially labeled China as a strategic competitor and potential threat. The alliance's decision on this matter is absurd and dangerous.
Roe v. Wade decision: The ending is not the end
The U.S. Supreme Court abortion reversal raises a moral question. Did Americans miss the best timing to change this jurisprudence? Does the change outweigh the social consequences of not changing it at all?
Violence on trial in US entertainment industry
With musicians increasingly coming under fire for previous improper and unlawful behaviors, America's entertainment industry is slowly facing a reckoning.
US politics of hegemony will hinder Asia-Pacific region
The Pacific region has long been underpinned by multilateralism, regional integration and shared prosperity – all of which are being undermined by the behavior of the U.S.
Why sporadic gun violence is a 'uniquely American story'
American domestic politics is in a highly dysfunctional gridlock, whereby adherence to constitutional literalism combined with ultra-partisan divides makes it impossible to achieve solutions to everyday issues.
Remaining resilient amid challenges
As the world faces numerous challenges on seemingly endless fronts, in order to succeed, humankind must pivot and remember that our future lies not in the hands of fate, but in our hands.
Questions about shootings being normal in America
The recent morning rush hour shooting on the New York City metro has once again brought the grim reality of mass shootings in the U.S. to the forefront.
​US cuts global vaccine funding
Despite Omicron, the latest mutation of the coronavirus, continuing to ravage the world, the U.S. has decided to cut funding for global vaccinations.
US talk of human rights disguises its pursuit of hegemony
While the U.S. presents itself to its own public as a force for good, it constantly seeks to use human rights discourse to advance its geopolitical goals.
Synergies are always possible
China and the EU, through their cooperation, continue to envision a world where they can achieve a framework of common understanding that will allow synergies towards common prosperity – and allow for their differences.
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