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Your Questions Answered
Q: How can I bring my dog to Beijing?
A: According to the Beijing Entry-Exist Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, your dog needs to be quarantined in Beijing for 30 days, and we are sorry but there are no exemptions.
Q: What financial services are offered in Beijing during Olympic Games?
A: Around Olympic stadiums about 90 percent of all points of sale accept renminbi cards and foreign credit cards.
Q: Is an employment contract from a business the simplest way for a foreigner with a Chinese spouse to obtain permission for long-term residence in China?  
A: The best way to live in China permanently is to apply for a permanent residence certificate. There are several ways to apply for the certificate.
Q: Can you advise a few Indian restaurants at Shanghai?
A: The following is a selected collection of Indian Restaurants in Shanghai for your options.
Q: What eatables are allowed to be carried on board?
A: According to the regulation stipulated by the General Aviation of Civil Aviation of China, international passengers must not bring liquid more than 100 milliliters on board. In this connection, you may well avoid bringing liquid food on board.
Q: What can I do if my HSK certificate is lost?
A: The certificate cannot be reissued if the candidate loses the certificate due to personal reasons. All HSK certificates are issued by the National Commission.
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