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Xinjiang to receive massive input
Premier Wen vows 'utmost' efforts to redress injustice
Premier urges better coordination to tackle global economic imbalance
China to contribute to a fair, reasonable world order
Diplomatic snub against China in Copenhagen 'still a mystery'
Wen reiterates worries over China's assets in U.S.
China's exit strategy must be 'very cautious, flexible'
Chinese premier says U.S. responsible for disrupted ties
Wen: Sino-US relations go beyond bilateral scope
Wen promises to grant foreign enterprises 'national treatment'

Wen: China to increase imports, promote balanced trade
Premier: restrictions on Chinese exports hurt foreign businesses in China
China's development affects no other countries
HK to see gradual progress in promoting democracy: Premier
Wen: wish to visit Taiwan still very strong
Premier Wen says he is staunch supporter of free trade
Chinese yuan 'not undervalued'
China to continue its efforts to tackle climate change
Structural adjustment, inflation management key to avert 'double dip': Premier
China opposed to fingerpointing in exchange rate issue

Chinese yuan appreciates 14.5% in real term when world economy is worst hit
Stable yuan facilitates recovery of world economy
Premier reiterates China's stance on yuan exchange rate
Bumpy road ahead for China's development
Premier Wen Jiabao meets the press
China's parliament endorses government work report
Work reports of supreme court, procuratorate approveds
Annual parliament session holds closing meeting
Work report of its standing committee approved
China's parliament adopts 2010 budgets

China's parliament adopts amendment to Electoral Law
China's top legislature ends annual session
Chinese lawmakers to vote on amendment to Electoral Law
China sets to build smart grid to tap renewable energy
Chinese legislator calls for explicit penalties against corrupt officials
China's annual parliament session to hold closing meeting
Edmund Ho vows to fulfil new duty
Lawmaker promotes production of ethanol from straws
10,000 dams proposed to be built to curb Yellow River sedimentation
Official optimistic in consumption's role in driving growth

World media positive about NPC, CPPCC
National reserve system called for to protect rare mineral
Housing proves hot button issue
Inflation set to stay under control
Call to close tiger farms disputed
Autonomy on way for universities
Macao ex-chief elected CPPCC vice chairman
CPPCC to conclude annual session
Senior Chinese leader underlines social fairness, justice
Tibet, Xinjiang lawmakers, political advisors counterattack US rights report

Human rights protection tops China's judiciary agenda
Chinese President calls for reinforced army building
Lawmaker calls for national rare earth reserve
Google warned to bear consequence if it violates laws
Google has freedom to quit or stay: minister
China's Internet environment is open: official
'Cooling off' days proposed for prospective divorcees
Design of homemade jumbo jet to be completed by year-end
Comments flood in on education reform plan
HK opposition demands 'may hurt dialogue'

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