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The Economy >>
China sets to build smart grid to tap renewable energy
Expert proposes new measuring system to replace GDP
Xining mayor: be ready for industrial transfers
Calls to refocus gov't attention amidst GDP growth
Housing proves hot button issue
Inflation set to stay under control
Tianjin spreads wings to become powerhouse
Fujian lures more Taiwan investment

Protecting the Environment >>
Lawmaker promotes production of ethanol from straws
10,000 dams proposed to be built to curb Yellow River sedimentation
Political advisor calls for more use of recycled water
Shanxi leads China in saving energy
Joint efforts against water pollution
Levying carbon tax, promoting low-carbon education proposed
Farmer lawmaker pushes for 'green' ideas
Subsidy plan for private electronic cars to be released

Fighting Corruption >>
2,723 corrupt officials investigated in 2010
Chinese legislator calls for explicit penalties against corrupt officials
Deputy advocates assets declaration law
Press and public needed to keep politicians clean
Corruption, livelihoods top concerns at sessions
Senior leader calls for prevention of corruption at source
Anti-corruption measures taking effect at local level
Vice governor removed from office for corruption

On the Agenda >>
National reserve system called for to protect rare mineral
Call to close tiger farms disputed
Political advisors from Tibet, Xinjiang counterattack U.S. rights report
Lawmaker calls for national rare earth reserve
'Cooling off' days proposed for prospective divorcees
Delegates debate easing of China's one-child law
Deputy promotes pre-marriage health check
HK opposition demands 'may hurt dialogue'