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Journalists busy covering NPC session

Vivid body language at Sessions

Premier Wen meets the press

Sessions scenes II

PLA deputies at NPC and CPPCC sessions

China's top legislature concludes annual session

NPC Deputy's ordinary day during annual session

Sessions scenes

CPPCC star members to attend the closing meeting

China's top political advisory body concludes annual session

Hu urges army to provide security guarantee

Legislators' heated panel discussion

Star members visit children of migrant workers

Bullet train popular on 11th-Five Year Plan exhibition

Tian'anmen Sqaure in Beijing

Grandson of Mao Zedong at two sessions

Political advisors from religious circle deliberates govt work report

E-readers on two sessions

Women NPC deputies

Scientific progress over the past 5 years

Hot debate on two sessions

Female reporters cover two sessions in style

Press conference on employment held

Tai Lihua at CPPCC venue