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Development plan has global significance
The right to lead a good life
China pioneers governance reforms
Time to spring into action
Greater role for CPPCC
Raising the poverty line
Sharing matters for China's SOEs
Japan earthquake refreshes call for first aid training in China
Don't let single issues derail Japan ties: Expert
Officials' candor a pleasant surprise

Imposing the law
12th Five Year Plan marks a major development in thinking
Lower growth targets a mighty task
Budget transparency
Democratic process of planning
Call for grassroots democracy
Time to stop 'big meeting' traffic controls
Stability the key to a better future
Harmonious diplomacy
People's livelihoods first

Occupational injuries
Welcome, new growth model
Stability desire sees off street politics
Prioritize people's prosperity
Equal retirement age
Finding consensus via effective debate
Journalists don't need to hunt out weird news
Meaningful report
Migrant workers' hukou
Tax reform needed to boost service sector: Expert

To raise or not to raise, that is the question
Great expectations from two sessions
Helping the disadvantaged
A time to address constraints
Microblog buzz on parliamentary sessions
12th Five-Year Plan seen to boost domestic consumption
How to combat water scarcity in China
Important role of CPPCC
CPPCC called to help promote social stability, harmony
'Steamed bun tax' illustrates need to cut taxes, fight inflation

How does Internet 'warm up' democratic politics?
China strives to build society with more fairness, justice