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Human rights underlined in criminal procedure law revision
Central bank issues commemorative coins for CPC's 90th anniversary
Premier Wen Jiabao Answers Questions from Domestic and Foreign Journalists at the Fourth Session of the 11th National People's Congress
Dialects endangered by modernization
CEOs of China's major firms on NPC and CPPCC
Shanghai residents embrace new ways to stay informed
People's Daily hails success of annual NPC session
Premier Wen stresses reform of government officials' evaluation criteria
Premier Wen envisages no easy work in coming two years
China formulating detailed rules to develop non-state economy

China takes stimulus measures to ensure long-term development
Chinese Premier expresses condolences to quake-hit Japan
China to raise minimum purchase prices for farm products
Political restructuring to be pushed forward in orderly way
Local govts to be held accountable for curbing housing prices
China to put cultural reform, development at important place
Taiwan investment not to be marginalized
Welfare apartments key measure to curb housing prices
China to increase flexibility of RMB exchange rate
HK's advantages as int'l financial center unchanged

12th Five-Year Plan not to replace HK's own development plan
China to make every effort to ease employment pressure
China's development 'not a model'
No easy task to achieve high-quality, efficient 7% growth
Analogy between China & N. Africa 'not right'
NPC approves its Standing Committee member's resignation
NPC approves work report of supreme procuratorate
NPC approves work report of supreme court
NPC approves work report of its standing committee
NPC endorses 2011 budgets

NPC adopts 2011 national development plan
NPC endorses government work report
NPC adopts 12th Five-Year Plan
Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
Official: Huge telescope on the agenda in SW China
China 'not trying to surpass US' in Middle East: Envoy
China's top legislature ends annual session
Premier Wen Jiabao meets the press
Chinese religious circle vows to improve exchanges, contribute to world peace
China's top political advisor meets journalists covering "two sessions"

Trademark violations on rise in China, regulator
China expresses concern over U.S. 'notorious markets' list
Presidium of ongoing parliamentary session holds meeting
China moves to boost public trust
Chinese courts deny lobbyists for judicial justice
China faces 'mounting ecological problems'
CPPCC concludes annual session
Political advisors urge kitchen waste legislation
CPPCC to conclude annual session
Senior official calls for cap on coal consumption

Food safety still an issue for cautious consumers
Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
China to release island census results in 2011
A good summer harvest likely for China
Hu urges army to better safeguard society
China says milk products safe, but restoring consumer confidence takes time
Net security proves difficult task
China to further cut nitrogen oxide emissions
Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards
China not to change plan for nuclear power projects

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