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The Five-Year Plan >>
Qingdao ambitious to be exemplary city
China to inject 2.6 trillion yuan for Beibu Gulf economic zone's growth
NPC adopts 12th Five-Year Plan
Energy association official advises more investment in uranium exploration
Deputy optimistic about 12th Five-Year Plan
Sichuan aims to plug in to IT opportunities
Western China's 'time has come': Ningxia chairman
Lower growth targets a mighty task
The Economy >>
SOE overseer: SOEs need to modernize
No easy task to achieve high-quality, efficient 7% growth
Zhou Xiaochuan: Real interest rate to stay negative for now
Agricultural group seeks more overseas expansion
Trademark violations on rise in China, regulator
China expresses concern over U.S. 'notorious markets' list
Currency breakthrough within 5 years
China confident in euro zone economy

Improving People's Livelihood >>
Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
China moves to boost public trust
Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
A good summer harvest likely for China
China says milk products safe, but restoring consumer confidence takes time
Stronger food safety regulations debated
Lawmakers will be targeting well-being
Rebuilding of disaster-hit areas resumes

Protecting the Environment >>
China faces 'mounting ecological problems'
Senior official calls for cap on coal consumption
China to further cut nitrogen oxide emissions
Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards
Leaders embrace green car production
Ban bear bile extraction in China as soon as possible
'Drought won't dry up the grain supply'
Soil pollution poisons more than farmland

Fighting Corruption >>
Extravagant image projects criticized
Lawmakers urge disclosure of detailed goverment expenditure
Finance ministry to make more information available to public
Govt to put brakes on official car use
China to set up database to curb corruption
Shanghai reveals corruption behind deadly fire
Fight against 'rampant corruption' stepped up
Regulators study railway loans in wake of corruption probe
Also on the Agenda >>
Doctors' profit-making schemes criticized
China is no threat to the U.S.: General
Film industry leader calls for less censorship
Official: Huge telescope on the agenda in SW China
Religious circle vows to improve exchanges, contribute to world peace
General urges U.S. to discard Cold War mindset
Food safety still an issue for cautious consumers
China to release island census results in 2011