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China.org.cn business reporter He Shan tells you what she sees and hears at the venues of the Fifth Session of the 11th National People's Congress. Email her at: hes@china.org.cn.
China.org.cn political reporter Chen Boyuan is reporting at the venues of the Fifth Session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC). Email him at: chenby@china.org.cn.
China.org.cn arts reporter Wu Jin offers her reports and insights into the Fifth Session of the 11th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee. Email her at: wujin@china.org.cn.
HK deputy calls for Basic Law interpretation
Hong Kong eyes Shenzhen as way out
PLA deputies seek to promote China's marine economy
Premier Wen Jiabao meets the press
Wen: China ready to buy more from the US
Mou Xinsheng, an official who speaks his mind
Uncertainty remains for tobacco tax hike
Diplomat: China must avoid tug-of-war with the US
Law amendment centers on human rights protection
Experts call for 'more relevant and credible' media

Sany president: Time to invest in Europe
Pharmaceutical boss: cost cutting affects public health
Western route of water transfer project very much possible
J-20 fighter expected to serve soon
Gov't could determine extent of wealth disclosure
General highlights armed police force's role
Ex-Olympic champion attends NPC
Jiangsu delegation review top judge, top prosecutor's reports
The Congress is on the March
Highlights of Criminal Procedure Law revision

NPC deputy admires the indomitable spirit of the Japanese
Renewable energy projects on track, CPPCC panel says
Wenzhou businessman's bank acquisition a fraud
Central bank governor meets the press
Famous writer warns China against 'Great Cultural Leap'
Official's Kobe comment sparks ire on role of SOEs
Jiangsu deputies propose 'massacre denial' law
US trade move set to hit China's solar industry
Diplomat spells out Boao's broadening vision
China's manned submersible set for 7km dive

CPPCC members hold press conferences
A pioneer of special education still inspires
Ex-Varyag Carrier may join PLA Navy in 2012
Nurture, reform necessary to create Chinese Steve Jobs
China.org.cn sets up studio in Congress hall
Actor turned AIDS activist attends CPPCC
Commotion before Chongqing's panel discussion at NPC
Minister: no statistics for 'naked officials'
Lang Sheng: there's no 'secret detention' in China
Time for China to address education spending shortfall

Chongqing's panel discussion bars journalists
NPC explains Criminal Procedure law amendments
Transformer Bumblebee shows up at NPC press center
Clean energy giant eyes promotion of integrated PV
Legislation urged regarding online shopping
Partial transfer of gov't powers set to challenge laws
Blind campaigner opens eyes to discrimination
Vice premier backs Liaoning's development
Commerce minister: US duties violate WTO rule
Law amendment to protect human rights

Defense contractor plays down China's arms boost
Nanjing blames Nagoya mayor for false and painful remarks
Jiangsu delegation holds open day
Interpreter Zhang Lu at FM's press conference
Endemic problems signal urgent need for economic reform
Minister: China is evaluating Libyan project security
China can avoid welfare pitfalls
Higher education outside the box
Chinese companies can't return to Libya now
Chinese spacewomen brace for possible liftoff

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