China and India lead the world in making the planet greener
Despite being castigated as the bad boys in causing environmental damage, a new study shows China and India are actually leading the way in creating a greener world.
No. 1 Central Document energizes rural, farming reforms
The Chinese government's assurances regarding rural development will boost farmers' confidence in a future life of thriving businesses, pleasant living environment, effective governance, and prosperity.
Greater Bay Area: Prospects and challenges
The integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in a Greater Bay Area is a fine idea as long as Hong Kong benefits from this economic cooperation without losing sight of its unique global status.
Implications of China's new foreign investment law
Chinese economy is being transformed. After the rapid growth seen at the turn of the century, it is now rising in value. As the opening-up process continues apace, the government is offering big incentives to foreign enterprises to increase their stakes in China's mainland market.
Lessons for business in the Year of the Pig
Let us hope the Belt and Road Initiative and other major projects will be a force for economic prosperity and peace and provide opportunity for the poorest countries to raise their people out of poverty.
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