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Seal engraving seen as sign of confidence
There are few art forms that can give Chinese people such strong cultural confidence as seal engraving, according to Luo Pengpeng, a master of the art.
National political adviser calls for TCM standardization
A national political adviser called for accelerated standardization for traditional Chinese medicine to promote its international use.
Shanghai urged to step up work on maglev trains
A national legislator has suggested that Shanghai, which operates the world's first commercial maglev line, should accelerate experiments and improve its technology to maintain a continuous advantage in this respect internationally.
Yao seeks to strengthen sports in primary grades
Basketball legend Yao Ming has always voiced his support for physical education during the two sessions.
Adviser calls for tech to play role in efforts to safeguard IPR
A national political adviser proposed that China should make full use of cutting-edge technologies to further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.
Movie stars shine light on poverty relief
Jackie Chan shared some good news at group discussions of China's top political advisory body-but it had nothing to do with his upcoming films.
Xinjiang vocational centers 'effective' against extremism
Vocational education centers in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region are not concentration or re-education camps as portrayed in some media reports, Shohrat Zakir, chairman of the regional government, said on Tuesday.
China to step up flood control in 2019
China will step up flood control efforts this year as extreme weather will likely become more frequent, the Minister of Water Resources E Jingping said Tuesday.
China capable of paying aged-care pensions in full, on time
China is capable of ensuring full and on-time payment of aged-care pensions even after reducing business contribution to social insurance schemes, a senior official said Tuesday.
Govt to further cut academic burden on primary, secondary students
Education authorities will continue to reduce the excessive academic workload on primary and secondary school students, Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said on Tuesday.
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