The Economy

Test run brings SSE sci-tech board closer
The launch of the science and technology innovation board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange is getting closer, with sponsors taking part in a test run of the new board's audit system on Wednesday.
Turn waste in electricity, says leading state-owned sector financier
Generating power using waste straw, the most common agricultural byproduct is one of the solutions being proposed to develop the countryside and improve the environment, according to Li Xiaopeng, who is the chairman of the state-owned finance company China Everbright Group.
China's digital economy to shift from consumers to producers
China's consumer-oriented digital economy will gradually transform into a producer-oriented one, said Bai Chongen, dean of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management and a national political adviser, on Wednesday.
Nation needs eight new nuclear power units annually, official says
China should start the construction of eight million-kilowatt nuclear power units annually by 2030 to ensure the steady development of the nation's nuclear industry and technology, said Liu Wei, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress and general manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corp, the State-owned nuclear power company.
Regulator wants SOEs to optimize their resources
China's State-owned assets regulator asked SOEs on Tuesday to take further steps in optimizing their resources.
Key indicators show economy on even keel
As drastic ups and downs in China's money and credit data within the first two months have sparked discussions on the reasons for this, the central bank issued an explanation on Monday morning, saying that robust financing activities have well supported economic growth so far this year.
Steering the financial ship
China will continue to launch prudent monetary policies and fend off financial risks, so as to better serve the real economy and promote high-quality development, according to Chinese central bank governor.
Chinese market remains untapped: industry insiders
Chinese companies should retain confidence despite the current unknown and complicated international environment, according to industry insiders.
Advisers: Keep faith in economy
Challenges and opportunities coexist in the major economic changes currently faced by the world. If handled properly, the changes will bring huge opportunities to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, said a member of China's top political advisory body.
Foreign investment law essential amid changing times, says top legislature
The formulation of the foreign investment law follows strict legislative processes, is based on a sufficient amount of public opinion and represents a consensus, legal professionals said.
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