National security legislation won't undermine the freedom of HK residents
The HKSAR Legislative Council's inability to put in place a national security law left the central government no choice but to enact a law tailored to Hong Kong in light of the "one country, two systems" framework.
China to promote higher-standard opening-up
China's efforts to promote a higher-standard opening-up will not only stimulate domestic economic growth but boost global economic collaboration and trade recovery.
China's new laws simplify investment
After almost five years of development, China has introduced new investment and securities laws that simplify China's investment system.
Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus: Do not fear the clouds that may block our view
Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus Huang Xingyuan recently called for people around the world to look beyond narrowness, selfishness, hatred and arrogance, so that we may all share in a bright future.
New investment plan to stimulate jobs and the economy
In his 2020 work report, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced targets for this year to create 9 million new urban jobs and keep urban unemployment below 6%. Investments in new infrastructure can play a significant role in achieving these goals.
Future-proofing legal education in development of AI
A research project from University of Oxford called "Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for English Law" lays out the blueprint for the future of legal education.
Two Sessions signal China returns to normalcy
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the traditional principles of Chinese thinking, forcing China to rapidly adapt to new realities. The upcoming Two Sessions will unveil the direction of post-COVID-19 China.
Shanghai working for post-pandemic economic recovery
With normality returning after drastic measures were taken to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, Shanghai is well placed to take advantage of the recovery.
China and Europe can still move forward together
The COVID-19 pandemic has put some moves on hold for advancing Sino-European relations, but it also offers some new opportunities for joint action.
Post-COVID-19 recovery needs an open world to reconnect the economic fuel line
The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting socio-economic impact has sent shockwaves through both global trade and the economy. It is necessary for an open world to reconnect the fuel line to promote economic resumption.
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