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NPC deputies weigh in on grassroots medical services
The COVID-19 outbreak has put public health at center stage during this year's "two sessions," and one particular topic of discussion is the capacity to protect public health in the country's grassroots medical institutions.
Palace Museum relics chief calls for greater protection of local heritage
An official from the Palace Museum presented a proposal to this year’s annual session of China's top political advisory body, focusing on strengthening the management, protection and utilization of religious buildings according to the law.
CPPCC member suggests creating prodigy schools in China
A top political advisor suggested that China should create special schools to educate gifted children.
Taoist master plans future for vacated religious buildings
A Taoist master brought a proposal about how to deal with vacated religious properties to the ongoing session of China's top political advisory body.
Actor proposes to save theater business after pandemic
Chinese actor Feng Yuanzheng brought up a new proposal at this year's session of China's top advisory body, hoping to save the theater industry from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yao Ming calls for a better education for Chinese athletes
In an effort to better educate young athletes, retired basketball legend and political advisor Yao Ming has called for an overhaul of China's education system.
China won't relax ecological, environmental protection
China will not relax its ecological and environmental protection in the next five years, Minister of Ecology and Environment Huang Runqiu said Monday.
BeiDou provides Chinese solution to the world
Services provided by the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) offer Chinese wisdom and accuracy to the rest of the world, according to the system's chief designer.
China to ensure more effective ecological, environmental protection
China will place priorities on curbing pollution in a law-based, scientific and targeted way, and intensify efforts in fighting air pollution in key areas, according to a government work report submitted to the national legislature for deliberation on Friday. 
China further lowers defense budget growth to 6.6%
China will continue to lower its defense budget growth rate to 6.6 percent in 2020, according to a draft budget report Friday.
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