Poverty alleviation

CIPG launches books on China's fight against poverty
China International Publishing Group launched its multilingual books on China’s fight against poverty on Wednesday, presenting a total of 132 books on China's struggle against poverty to readers both at home and abroad.
China vows to cement progress in poverty alleviation
After declaring victory in eradicating absolute poverty, China is finding ways to ensure that the people's movement up the economic ladder is sustained and no one backslides into poverty.
UN chief congratulates Xi on China's success in fight against extreme poverty
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently extended congratulations to Chinese President Xi Jinping on the occasion of the announcement of China's successful efforts in the fight against extreme poverty.
China's poverty relief experience highlighted in 'two sessions' discussions
A report on China's poverty relief experience and its global implications has stirred heated discussions at the ongoing "two sessions," as national lawmakers and political advisors explore ways to consolidate the country's poverty reduction accomplishments.
UN official calls poverty victory 'China example'
China's achievements in poverty alleviation have created a "China example of poverty reduction," a United Nations official said Tuesday.
China vows to prevent mass return to poverty
​China will consolidate its poverty relief accomplishments to prevent a large number of people from falling back into poverty, according to a government work report submitted Friday to the national legislature for deliberation. 
China's poverty line higher than World Bank benchmark
​China's poverty line is higher than the World Bank's 2015 benchmark of 1.9 U.S. dollars per person per day, a spokesperson for the annual session of China's national legislature said Thursday.
Xi declares 'complete victory' in eradicating absolute poverty in China
Chinese President Xi Jinping announced on Thursday that China has secured a "complete victory" in its fight against poverty.
SCIO briefing on advancement of rural vitalization across the board and acceleration of agricultural and rural modernization
The State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing on Monday to brief the media on the advancement of rural vitalization and acceleration of agricultural and rural modernization.
Timeline: China's fight against poverty
​Eliminating poverty, improving people's livelihoods, and realizing common prosperity are the essential requirements of socialism.
From hardships to happiness: Liangshan villagers shake off poverty
People in the Daliang Mountains area in southwestern China used to live in extreme poverty, but they now embrace happy new lives with decent houses, new jobs, and promising future, heading from hardships to happiness.
Impoverished counties see booming sales growth
​Businesses in China's impoverished counties posted double-digit growth in their average annual sales revenue during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) as their production and operations gained steam, the State Taxation Administration said Thursday.
Political advisors focus on COVID-19 prevention, poverty alleviation in 2020
​Coordinating epidemic prevention and economic and social development, and eliminating poverty were among the main focuses of the proposals raised by political advisors last year, a senior political advisor said Tuesday.
China's poverty alleviation tax and fee cuts see results
​China's tax and fee cuts aimed at facilitating poverty alleviation topped 102.2 billion yuan (about 15.84 billion U.S. dollars) last year, official data shows.
Lixian county's multi-pronged approach to ending poverty
A mountainous county in northwest China's Gansu province has managed to alleviate poverty through multiple measures, seeing locals move into new houses and enjoy income growth.
Old revolutionary base revives amid China's poverty alleviation efforts
Dawan village, an old revolutionary base in Jinzhai county of Anhui province, has been lifted out of poverty by resettling local villagers and developing tea business and rural tourism.
E-commerce becomes new farm work in rural areas
​Mobile phones are evolving into new farm tools and e-commerce has become a part of farm work for China's rural population, as online sales emerge as an important force in the fight against poverty, according to a report released on Wednesday.
China's rural cooperatives report sales growth in 2020
​China's rural supply and marketing cooperatives saw their sales expand 14.2 percent year on year to 5.3 trillion yuan (about 818.7 billion U.S. dollars) in 2020, the latest data showed.
Community factories help lift Shaanxi villagers out of poverty
After moving into new apartments, villagers in Pingli county in Shaanxi found jobs in community factories springing up in their neighborhood. They not only got rid of poverty, but also began leading content lives.
Poverty-stricken counties see online retail sales rise 26%
Online retail sales, an important force in the fight against poverty, jumped 26 percent year on year to total 301.45 billion yuan (about 46.49 billion U.S. dollars) across China's 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties last year, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Thursday.
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