China's growth target is a sign of strength
China's growth target of 5.5% may seem modest, but it is a sign of strength given the immense challenges facing the global economy.
Restore the spirit of togetherness
The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games has concluded with utmost grandeur. It will certainly encourage people from all corners of the world to stand hand-in-hand to push collectively for a brighter future.
China's economy will serve as an anchor of stability in 2022
Amid global economic uncertainties, China is pushing for a different path from Cold War politics, division and confrontation, and investors around the world have responded positively.
Chinese brands are making waves worldwide
Brand perception is the key to understanding the astonishing rise of global Chinese consumer brands rather than just logistics and innovation capabilities.
China's role in the world
Amid an era defined by global uncertainties, China continues to espouse the value of world leaders recognizing the transnational nature of these challenges and joining hands in spite of existing differences.
China's recovery contributes to global economy
As the world's second-largest economy, China's sustained economic growth continues to benefit the world.
RCEP to help build economic resilience
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership looks to bolster the economic might of the Asia-Pacific region and promote global recovery on the whole.
​China's economy has sustained organic growth momentum
China's economy has sustained organic growth momentum in an extremely disruptive global environment, illustrating its ability to offset challenges.