NPC deputy: Huangshan city to become world-class vacation destination
The city of Huangshan in Anhui province is making efforts toward becoming a world-class vacation destination, said its Party Secretary Ling Yun, who is also a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC).
CPPCC member proposes promoting digitization of Chinese characters
A national political advisor advocated strengthening the digitization of Chinese characters, which she believed would help promote Chinese culture internationally.
NPC deputy calls for greater collaboration in cosmetics industry
A deputy to the 13th NPC proposed building a collaborative innovation mechanism for China's cosmetics industry at the recent National People's Congress in Beijing.
CPPCC member advocates protecting revolutionary relics
A national political advisor proposed strengthening the protection and restoration of China's revolutionary relics and sites.
CPPCC member proposes better pay, benefits for village doctors
A political advisor suggested increasing wages and benefits for medical workers in rural areas, as well as offering them additional training, as part of efforts to provide rural residents with better services.
CPPCC member: China must preserve oral histories of its role models
Liu Jiacheng, a national political advisor and TV drama director, advocates collecting oral histories of role models from all walks of life in China to give their first-hand experience and vivid account of the country's development.
NPC deputies share insights on economic stability
Deputies to the 13th National People's Congress shared their insights on economic stability, the most notable highlight of this year's government work report.
NPC deputy calls for greater support for SMEs
Yao Jinbo, an NPC deputy and CEO of, has called for small and medium-sized enterprises to be provided with greater support.
CPPCC member proposes to expand 5G application scenarios
A national political advisor suggested more efforts be made to bolster the application of 5G technology in various sectors and launch a number of 5G-powered terminals and apps for individual users.
CPPCC members call for more efforts to tackle child sexual abuse
In recent years, an increasing number of cases involving child sexual abuse has triggered strong public concern. China has stepped up legislation efforts to address child sexual abuse, but still faces challenges.
China's whole-process people's democracy underpinned by institutional procedures, practice
China's whole-process people's democracy is underpinned by a well-established set of institutional procedures and full participation and practice, a spokesperson said.
Prevent big shifts in population, expert says
As China's demographic development is at a key juncture, a political adviser has called for concerted efforts to build a family-friendly society, including influencing family and childbearing values among the younger generation.
Innovation initiative boosts local economies, enterprises
Innovation China, a major initiative of the China Association for Science and Technology designed to integrate science and technology with the economy, is driving strong growth of local economies and enterprises.
Beijing 2022 sets benchmark for future organizing work
While building upon the spirit and legacy of the 2008 Summer Games, Beijing 2022 has explored new paths featuring carbon neutrality, massive participation, cultural integration and high efficiency, which sets a benchmark for future organization.
China ramps up efforts to build child-friendly society
With the recent draft regulation, altering the children's discount rail ticket rule to be based on their age rather than height, China's progress in comprehensively building a child-friendly society has once again caught public attention.
Top 10 scientific achievements of 2021 in China
In the past year, China has made many advances and breakthroughs in science and technology, as well as significant progress in quantum computing.