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Microsoft accused of hacking attack
An angry Chinese lawyer accused Microsoft of perpetrating the biggest ever hacker attack in response to the software giant's controversial move.
· Microsoft not playing fair: Lawyer
· Rotten tomatoes
Microsoft sued for anti-piracy measures
Pressure on Microsoft over its controversial anti-piracy campaign in China's mainland has been stepped up with news that a Beijing man is taking the software giant to court for violating the integrity of his computer.
Microsoft declines to disclose its next move
Microsoft has been under the spotlight since it launched its validation testing software, Microsoft Genuine Advantage, in China on October 20. The software giant's anti-piracy move has provoked an avalanche of complaints from users and accusations from lawyers and software companies.
· Microsoft defends China anti-piracy move
· Lawsuit ramps up pressure over Microsoft's 'black screen' anti-piracy move
· Lawyer accuses Microsoft of anti-piracy measures
· China praised for intellectual property protection
· Software pirates go on trial in Shanghai
· Microsoft accused of hacking attack
· Chinese premier meets with Bill Gates
· Software battle heats up
Panicking users rail against Microsoft anti-piracy crackdown
No more Windows XP from Tomato Garden
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