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IPRs help poverty alleviation in China
​China has been giving full play to intellectual property rights (IPR) in helping targeted poverty alleviation, an official said Thursday.
Xichou county's rocky road out of poverty
In 1990, Xichou county was considered an inhospitable place to live. Through hard work, locals transformed the rocky ground into thriving farmland and have now lifted the county out of poverty.
Wickerwork products help poverty-alleviation in Jiangsu
China delists all remaining poverty-stricken counties
China has achieved the feat of removing all remaining impoverished counties from the poverty list.
Chinese county works to ensure follow-up support for relocation
Guangxi shakes off absolute poverty
​South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, home to the country's largest ethnic minority population, has lifted all its 54 poverty-stricken counties out of poverty.
Consumption a greater driver for Chinese economy in 2021
​Private consumption could emerge as a greater driver of the Chinese economy in 2021 with the release of increased precautionary savings and a full recovery of the job market, according to a research report from Morgan Stanley.
75-year-old 'Grandpa Fei' becomes Internet influencer
Village thrives on decorative railroad in central China
Belt and Road alliance for poverty relief established in Chinese border province
​An alliance for poverty relief and development along the Belt and Road was set up in southwest China's Yunnan Province on Tuesday to promote the sharing of experience and models.
China's Sichuan lifts all counties out of poverty
China's Sichuan province, whose mountainous areas have long been a citadel of abject poverty, on Tuesday declared it had removed the poverty label from all of its counties.
Kids play football at resettlement site in Hubei
Live streaming event in Sichuan
China's economic recovery gathers steam as major indicators improve further
China's economy continued its robust recovery in October as effective COVID-19 control and government policies to boost demand and consumption led to broad-based improvements in major economic indicators.
One of China's poorest areas shakes off absolute poverty
​Xihaigu, one of China's poorest areas located in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, saw the last impoverished county shake off poverty, local authorities said.
Sunzhuang Village thrives on e-commerce business
Li urges implementation of policies in boosting economy
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday stressed the implementation of policies to ensure the important role of policies in promoting economic stability and recovery.
China to improve business environment
​China's cabinet on Tuesday unveiled a plan to deepen reforms in order to streamline administration and further improve the business climate.
NW China's Gansu lifts 5.5 mln people out of poverty
Northwest China's Gansu Province lifted 5.5 million people out of poverty from 2012 to 2019, achieving a decisive victory in poverty eradication, the local government said Tuesday.
Oil-tea camellia plantation boosts income
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