SW China county eyes tourism development to consolidate progress in poverty alleviation
After officially alleviating poverty by April 2019, Xichou county, a picturesque location rich with ethnic minority culture in southwest China’s Yunnan province, is now committed to developing rural cultural tourism.
CPC puts people first in outlining development goals for the next five years and beyond
As China will soon become a moderately prosperous society, what does it plan to do beyond that? The question was addressed at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held in Beijing on October 26-29, when the Party leadership mapped a new blueprint for the coming five years and set goals for another decade thereafter.
Arxan: A story of fighting poverty
Arxan in north China's Inner Mongolia has cast off poverty by developing eco-tourism and industries that suit its local conditions.
Cooperatives benefiting poor Tibetan villagers
Tobgyal and his fellow villagers have escaped poverty thanks to a strawberry growing cooperative in Juphar village, Nyingchi, Tibet autonomous region.
An Ewenki reindeer guardian in China's northmost forest
An Ewenki reindeer herder is dedicated to preserving the reindeer culture in the Greater Hinggan Mountains of northeast China.
N. China's Desheng village paves path to prosperity
Desheng village in Hebei province has won the battle against poverty by developing local business based on its conditions.
Families reaping the rewards of relocation
Guizhou has shifted 1.88m people from remote areas in recent times, improving job and education prospects.
Xinjiang villagers see huge changes after relocation
Since 2017, some 14,000 impoverished people from the mountainous area have gradually moved to the community under the county's plan to resettle poor households and help lift them out of poverty.
'Green Great Wall' keeps poverty and sand at bay
Over the past 42 years, over 7.88 million hectares of windbreak trees have been planted, 336,000 square kilometers of desertified land managed, and more than 10 million hectares of grassland protected and restored, according to a report released by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.
Herbs, hotels and home cooking raise rural residents' incomes
The quality of the local environment has helped Shuobei, a township in Datong Hui and Tu autonomous county, Qinghai province, move closer to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the end of the year.
A county in Yunnan eradicates poverty through community innovation
In carrying out the government's poverty eradication strategy, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched different projects in Malipo County in the province. Some
How a Uygur woman living in desert becomes
The Luopu County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China, lies next to the Taklimakan Desert, the world's second largest desert. The remote location made transportation difficult and mired the town in poverty.
Yi ethnic group in southwest China joins national drive for progress
Mu'endi is a newly built relocation community in Zhaojue, a county in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province in southwest China. Over 6,000 people who once lived in extreme poverty in deep mountains have been re-billeted here.
Steps to make life easier mirror challenges of building a well-off China
Tibetans mark anniversary, reflect on beneficial changes
This month's celebration of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet autonomous region has a special meaning for Nyima Dondrub.
From barrenness to fruitfulness: Huamao village's story of ending poverty
​Huamao, a small village in China’s remote and mountainous Guizhou province, has cast off poverty through developing rural tourism and reviving traditional culture.
From poverty to prosperity: Shibadong's story of targeted poverty relief
Shibadong, the obscure village in the remote mountains of western Hunan province, has set an example for targeted poverty alleviation by building prosperity based on local conditions.
Foreigner shows love for country he adopted
When the planet's most populous country thrives, the rest of the world does, too, and friends from other lands have been willing to help.
Corn on the black soil lifts villagers out of poverty
A Heilongjiang native has helped fellow villagers get rid of poverty through growing maize growth on fertile black soil.
Poverty elimination in China: Achievements, experiences and challenges
"It is fair to say that China's achievement in poverty reduction, like its economic growth, is a miracle too."
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