From hardships to happiness: Liangshan villagers shake off poverty
People in the Daliang Mountains area in southwestern China used to live in extreme poverty, but they now embrace happy new lives with decent houses, new jobs, and promising future, heading from hardships to happiness.
Lixian county's multi-pronged approach to ending poverty
Old revolutionary base revives amid China's poverty alleviation efforts
Dawan village, an old revolutionary base in Jinzhai county of Anhui province, has been lifted out of poverty by resettling local villagers and developing tea business and rural tourism.
Nation vows to keep up good work in poverty alleviation
China's achievements in poverty reduction and its new pledges to consolidate last year's results were not made easily, especially in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Community factories help lift Shaanxi villagers out of poverty
After moving into new apartments, villagers in Pingli county in Shaanxi found jobs in community factories springing up in their neighborhood. They not only got rid of poverty, but also began leading content lives.
Northeast China's rural people change from hating snow to enjoying it
Relocation policies move villagers out of poverty
Moving into prosperity: Wuwei's story of ending poverty
New trends to watch for China's economy in 2021
Optimism built up in the Chinese market at the beginning of 2021, with its stocks climbing and its currency gaining strength.
Brands are 'golden key' to escape poverty
Flexible employment gains momentum
Green industries play role in poverty reduction drive
More than 20 million people have been lifted out of poverty over the past five years thanks to environmental protection efforts and the development of green industries.
SW China county eyes tourism development to consolidate progress in poverty alleviation
After officially alleviating poverty by April 2019, Xichou county, a picturesque location rich with ethnic minority culture in southwest China’s Yunnan province, is now committed to developing rural cultural tourism.
CPC puts people first in outlining development goals for the next five years and beyond
As China will soon become a moderately prosperous society, what does it plan to do beyond that? The question was addressed at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held in Beijing on October 26-29, when the Party leadership mapped a new blueprint for the coming five years and set goals for another decade thereafter.
Arxan: A story of fighting poverty
Arxan in north China's Inner Mongolia has cast off poverty by developing eco-tourism and industries that suit its local conditions.
Cooperatives benefiting poor Tibetan villagers
Tobgyal and his fellow villagers have escaped poverty thanks to a strawberry growing cooperative in Juphar village, Nyingchi, Tibet autonomous region.
An Ewenki reindeer guardian in China's northmost forest
An Ewenki reindeer herder is dedicated to preserving the reindeer culture in the Greater Hinggan Mountains of northeast China.
N. China's Desheng village paves path to prosperity
Desheng village in Hebei province has won the battle against poverty by developing local business based on its conditions.
Families reaping the rewards of relocation
Guizhou has shifted 1.88m people from remote areas in recent times, improving job and education prospects.
Xinjiang villagers see huge changes after relocation
Since 2017, some 14,000 impoverished people from the mountainous area have gradually moved to the community under the county's plan to resettle poor households and help lift them out of poverty.
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