Liberalization of services sector will be boon for all
President Xi Jinping's speech at the Global Trade in Services Summit earlier this month is a reiteration of China's policy, announced in 2017, to liberalize the country's services sector.
China's post-pandemic economic recovery augurs well for the world
Notes from China's new development strategy
China does remarkably well in improving business environment
The World Bank report "China's Doing Business Success: Drivers of Reform and Opportunities for the Future," released in late July, shows that China has achieved a remarkable improvement in its business environment in recent years.
The decisive role of poverty reduction in China's 2020 targets
The centrality of poverty reduction to China's state policy was once more strongly emphasized by the Report on the Work of the Government to this year's full session of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature.
Post-COVID-19 global economy calls for responsibility
There is little good that can come out of the tragedy of a pandemic, but if there is even a hint of a silver lining, it is that we have come to value what is truly essential in our societies.
China to become first to realize UN goal of 'no poverty'
For centuries, China dreamed of building a "moderately prosperous society" in all respects. And this year, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China will realize that dream.
China on target to eliminate extreme poverty by 2020
Having enabled more than 80 million people to shake off poverty since 2013, China continues its fight to help those most impoverished in the country using a range of methods.
Poverty-alleviation goal achievable despite outbreak
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will create obstacles for China to achieve its goal of eradicating poverty. But hopefully, China will navigate through these challenges and achieve its goals.
Making 2020 a happy new year by winning the anti-poverty battle
There is much the world can learn from China's success in poverty alleviation work, now reaching its final stage to have all rural residents out of poverty.
What changes after China defeats poverty?
With 2020 fast approaching, China is on track to achieve a key goal in its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20): to end extreme rural poverty. If successful, this would mark an historic achievement, given how far the country has come and the sheer number of lives changed.