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Road to Beichuan still bumpy
In the remote city of Beichuan, the earthquake buried about 9,000 people. More than 1,000 of those victims were students.
Sichuan works to prevent earthquake-related disasters
China's annual rainy season also means flooding and landslides. Authorities in Sichuan Province are taking steps to prevent further earthquake-related disasters and improve safety.
Premier Wen urges post-quake safety
Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council quake relief meeting on Monday. The premier urged an all-out effort to prevent post-quake secondary geological disasters.
Disinfection program prevents epidemics from happening
No epidemics, so far, after a massive disinfection program in the earthquake zone. CCTV reporter Xie Zheng has been following one of the members of a disinfection team in Beichuan County and files this report.
No epidemics occur in Sichuan
67 pandas in the Chengdu reserve facing food shortage
50% power supply resumes in six quake-hit areas
Soldiers help tear down damaged houses
Some houses in the disaster areas are still standing,but are damaged beyound repair and will have to be torn down. In remote places inaccessible to heavy machinery, demolition has to be done by hand.
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