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Workers begin to rebuild factory
A month after the earthquake struck Sichuan, people are slowly but steadily piecing their lives together. CCTV reporter Xie Zheng went to Shifang, one of the hardest hit areas, to meet workers at a chemical fertilizer factory who demonstrated their courage both during the disaster and now, rebuilding.
New site chosen for Beichuan county seat
A national earthquake relief team has chosen a site to rebuild the Beichuan county seat, which was severely devastated in the earthquake.
Premier: No relaxation in epidemic prevention in quake areas
Premier Wen Jiabao chaired another relief work meeting on Monday to plan further actions to prevent a epidemics in the quake zone.
Sichuan celebrates Dragon Boat Festival
While Sichuan Province recovers from the devastation of last month's quake, it still managed to give a warm welcome to tourists over the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Travelers were joined special tours around the quake-hit areas.
Tangjiashan quake lake continues to drain
The water level at the Tangjiashan quake lake rose to 742.96 meters above sea level by 8 pm Monday, a rise of 1.6 meters in 24 hours. The sluice appears to be operating smoothly and drainage has increased to about 81 cubic meters per second.
Video shows cultural relic Sanxingdui affected by quake
Many cultural relic sites under state and provincial protection were damaged during the May 12th quake. One of them is Sanxingdui, or Three Star Mound, which has a history stretching back 3,000 years. Li Na finds out why it's so important and what's being done to protect it.
Alert remains while drainage goes smoothly at Tangjiashan quake lake
Water levels at the Tangjiashan barrier lake in Sichuan province continues to go up. That's despite a complex drainage operation using a manmade spillway. Experts and soldiers are battling against time to move ahead.
3 years expected to rebuild Beichuan
China is now making plans for the post-quake reconstruction. And in the worst-hit county of Beichuan, the whole project is expected to be completed within three years.
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