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Quake inspires long painting
Artists continue to draw inspiration from scenes that touched them in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake. One example is a hundred-meter scroll, unveiled to the public in Beijing.
PLA continues work in quake zone
Five weeks after the May 12th earthquake, the Chinese army is still working on the front line of the quake zone.
Soldiers help farmers with rebuilding
Farmers in the quake zone have not only lost their homes, but also their farms. In Shifang, soldiers are helping local residents keep their losses to a minimum.
Relief supplies delivered to worst-hit areas
It has been more than a month since the quake struck Sichuan in southwest China. Many survivors are now able to look after their own needs. But others, especially those in mountainous regions, are still largely relying on government and army forces for relief supplies and other assistance.
Premier Wen calls for secondary disaster prevention
China's quake relief headquarters is calling for immediate prevention of secondary disasters amid aftershocks and rain storms. Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the meeting of the quake relief headquarters of the State Council on Monday.
Quake rescue recreated on stage
Some of the heroic rescues that took place during the deadly earthquake are being recreated on stage.
Memorial ceremony held for crashed military helicopter crew
The pilot of a military helicopter that crashed on a rescue mission in the quake zone has been granted a posthumous first-class medal for outstanding achievement. The Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Hu Jintao, has signed the order to honor to Qiu Guanghua.
German tent hospital provides lifeline
A tent hospital donated by the German Red Cross has been providing medical care in the region for nearly a month.
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