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Exhibition commemorates Sichuan earthquake
One month after the quake, Sichuan is trying to get back on its feet. At 2: 28 on Thursday afternoon, exactly one month since the earthquake struck, a ceremony was held to open a memorial exhibition in Dayi county, near the provincial capital Chengdu.
Epidemic prevention begins in Beichuan
Full-scale anti-epidemic work has started in Beichuan County after the risks of the Tangjiashan barrier lake were relieved.
Transfer of 18 victims in copter crash underway
Military sources say the transfer of the 18 victims in the crash of a helicopter used in a relief mission is underway. Transporting teams are trying to open up roads in the mountainous area.
Official briefs media on post-quake reconstruction rule
The State Council Information Office has just held its 25th news conference addressing the Wenchuan earthquake. Today's conference focused on a post-quake reconstruction rule taking effect on Monday.
Crashed copter found near quake epicenter
Searchers have found the military transport helicopter which crashed while carrying out earthquake relief work in southwestern China ten days ago.
Water level drops at Tangjiashan lake
The water level in the Tangjiashan barrier lake is expected to fall to 720 meters in the coming hours, as outflow has far outpaced inflow for three days. Drainage of the quake lake through a sluice speeded up to 6,420 cubic meters per second as of noon today.
Relief work focuses on epidemic prevention
China's Ministry of Health says the large scale emergency medical work in quake-hit areas has ended. Their focus is now on disease prevention. So far, no concentrated epidemic outbreaks or other emerging public health incidents have been reported.
British China.org.cn Reporter praises earthquake victims' courage
British China.org.cn Reporter/Editor David Ferguson, the first foreign member of the website's team to visit quake-stricken Sichuan, talks in detail about his experiences during a week spent in the aftermath of the earthquake, in the course of which he visited some of the worst-hit areas.
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