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Relatives encouraged to adopt quake orphans
China's Ministry of Civil Affairs says the number of orphans or children whose parents are still missing after the Sichuan earthquake has risen to 1,872. Many people across the nation say they would like to adopt them. But the Ministry of Civil Affairs says it is encouraging relatives of the children to adopt or take care of them.
Feature: Volunteer doctor from Malaysia
Volunteers from home and aboard continue pouring into the quake zone.
Mianzhu shelters 660,000 quake-affected people
The city of Mianzhu is trying to provide shelter for 660,000 people affected by the earthquake. The city has already erected 60,000 tents for the homeless.
Flood warning issued for Tangjiashan lake
The possibility is growing of Tangjiashan barrier lake bursting. Authorities are considering the implementation of a drainage plan and the evacuation of more people from areas at risk.
Premier Wen: People's safety is top priority
After inspecting the Tangjiashan barrier lake, Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his concerns about the risk of relief work.
Epidemic prevention covers all quake areas
In Sichuan, all the quake-affected areas have been covered by the epidemic prevention system. Epidemic medics have reached over 96 percent of the worst-hit villages.
Chinese ambassador meets UK medical team
China's Ambassador to Britain says the professionalism and dedication of a British medical team has earned the respect and appreciation of the people in the affected areas. The team has just arrived back home from their mission in Mianyang city.
Premier Wen inspects Tangjiashan lake
Premier Wen Jiabao has made another trip to the earthquake zone in Sichuan Province. He was there to inspect the swelling Tangjiashan barrier lake.
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