- Imperial golden utensils highlight of HK auction
Sotheby 's Hong Kong will hold the 2008 Spring Auction of Chinese porcelain and handicrafts on April 11.
- 1st Taoist research association
Government leaders, scholars and Taoists, have witnessed the inauguration moment of the first Taoist research association in China.
- Descendants honor Confucius ahead of tomb-sweeping day
More than 130 descendants of Confucius from across the world gathered in his hometown on Sunday to pay tribute to the sage ahead of the traditional tomb sweeping day.
- Donations from Beijing Taoist Society made to orphanage
This week, the Beijing Taoist Society made a donation to a local orphanage of 1.3 million yuan, or about 200,000 US dollars.
- Historical romance reenacted in natural setting
When is theatrical scenery better than actual scenery? The answer is never. That's why one stage drama premiered Saturday night at a tourist destination in Xi'an, northwestern China's Shaanxi province.
- 19th century European art on show in Beijing
"From Academia to Impressionism -- Master Pieces of the 19th century European paintings" is currently taking over Beijing's art scene.
- Chinese Elderly Art Group presents one-night show in London
The Chinese Elderly Art Group staged an eye-opening show at the Queen's Theatre in central London on Sunday night, leaving audiences with a lot to marvel about.
- American scholar deciphers China's cultural vitality
Chinese cultural sights are major attractions for foreigners who want to get a better understanding of the country's past. But is that true only of ancient civilizations? If not, what represents modern Chinese culture in the eyes of Westerners?
- HK celebrates 7th anniversary of city's flying dragon logo
Hong Kong's flying dragon logo, seen on posters, brochures and Cathay Pacific flights, has been successful since it was unveiled seven years ago as part of a city image promotion program, a senior official said Friday.
- It's high anxiety over naked art
A naked plastic man with wings on the back, or the so-called "hurt angle," sets at the top of a public building along the High Street Lofts in Xuhui District yesterday as one of Liu Jin's installation works.
- Ancient cliff paintings 'face severe damage'
Cliff paintings in northern China that date back to prehistoric times face severe damage from natural erosion and human destruction, according to a Chinese archaeological expert.
- China releases list of ancient books for protection
The State Council has released a list of precious ancient books for national protection, the first of its kind.
- China opens more museums to public free of charge
Thirty-three Museums in Beijing, 20 museums in the northwestern Gansu Province and nine museums in the southern Guangdong Province started to open to visitors for free on Friday.
- Concert commemorates late Premier Zhou Enlai
A concert was held Friday night at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commemorate late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.
- Japanese Buddha sculpture fetches record $14.3 mln
A newly discovered wooden sculpture of a Buddha that had religious objects sealed in its torso for 800 years sold for 14.3 million U.S. dollars, setting a world record for any Japanese work of art, Christie's auction house said.
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