- World Bank grants loans to China's Silk Road
The World Bank has granted 38.4 million U.S. dollars in loans to help northwest China's Gansu Province achieve sustainable tourism development, according to the bank.
- Craft from past woven into future
Li Xiumei, aged 64, is exceedingly handy when it comes to both grass weaving and needle and thread work. Every weekday, she weaves handbags in a handicraft factory in Xuhang Town in Jiading District. Finished handbags, baskets, slippers and other products lie at her feet.
- A time for space
Today's red-hot Chinese art market is always looking for something new and it appears abstract painting has become one of the coolest new discoveries.
- Channeling Puccini
The lavish production of Turandot opened yesterday at the opera house of the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) as the most ambitious of all the 100 programs in the opening season of the China's new grand theater.
- China's biggest purple clay teapot completed
Yixing is a small city in east China renowned for a unique type of clay, used for creating fine pottery. Artist Cheng Miaogen has just completed China's biggest Zisha teapot.
- Tomb find delights experts, grave robbers
The discovery near Xi'an of a Qin Dynasty tomb group, believed to be the largest in China, has delighted archeologists but also attracted the attentions of grave robbers.
- When Marilyn Monroe meets Chinese master
Zhang Wei is a contemporary artist who has dabbled in many forms of media including graphic design and fiction writing. However, this show, curated by Jeremie Thircuir, focuses on a single series called "Qi Baishi vs. Marilyn," which juxtaposes the American sex icon with the master calligrapher and artist, Qi, who worked unrecognized well into his 60s.
- Original drama on tourism market
Dancers perform Chu Shui Ba Shan, an original drama displays a panorama of ancient people at the Three Gorges area of China, during a public show in Yichang City, central China's Hubei province, March 17, 2008. Chu Shui Ba Shan is created and performed by the Yichang Song and Dance Ensemble. The drama has been condensed and put into the tourism market as a culture product, into which bilingual host has been added, to meet the market needs.
- Cultural roots need deeper protection
The country's top official overseeing intangible cultural heritage has tangible reasons for redoubling protection efforts. Every time Vice-Minister of Culture Zhou Heping hears about a folklore artist or a master craftsman who passes away before passing down their arts, he feels "sorrowfully pitiable".
- China's 'prodigy program' to mark 30th anniversary
China's first program for gifted youngsters is to celebrate its 30th birthday on Friday in east China's Anhui Province.
- Shanghai to build 1st underground theater
Shanghai will renovate Culture Square in Xuhui District and turn it into the country's first underground theater before Shanghai Expo 2010, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.
- Sotheby's HK to hold Chinese paintings Spring sale
More than 260 lots of Chinese paintings will be offered at Sotheby's Spring Sale 2008 Auction on April 8, announced Sotheby's Hong Kong on Tuesday.
- Turkey to establish 2nd Confucius institute
China signed a cooperation agreement Tuesday on launching a Confucius Institute in Turkey's prestigious Bosphorus University, which would be the second in the country.
- Respect for Art: The arts and two superpowers
The worldwide cultural fashion favouring Chinese artwork raises a new subject for consideration: arts administration. A textbook entitled, "Respect for Art: Visual Arts Administration and Management in China and the United States" launched in Beijing, Sunday. The book is a collaborative effort, by two professors in the field, one in Beijing, the other in New York City.
- Survey finds Chinese names can reflect social themes
Average citizens are reflecting current themes in their newborns' names, a recent survey of Chinese names finds.
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