- Song & Dance Gala ushers Olympic Torch Relay
The Sun God Apollo is said to have lit the first Olympic flame, bringing brightness and warmth to humanity. One hundred and eleven years after the birth of the modern Olympics, the sacred flame is to be gathered this week, at ancient Olympia - to lend its brightness and warmth to the 29th Olympiad.
- Brazilian youth learn traditional Chinese dragon dance
Brazilian youth learn to perform traditional Chinese dragon dance in Sao Paolo of Brazil, March 23, 2008. Organized by China Overseas Exchanges Association, a three-day training camp is held in Sao Poalo to teach the Brizilian young people who are interested in traditional Chinese culture and acqierements.
- Peking Opera Monkey King to debut in Dubai
At the invitation of a culture company in Dubai, artists from Zhejiang Peking Opera Troupe in eastern China's Zhejiang province will give a performance on March 26 in Dubai. This will be the first time an art troupe from Zhejiang province has appeared on the stage of Dubai.
- Ancient Chess found
Archeologists found an ancient metal Chinese chess piece with rare and already extinct characters on it.
- Renovation of Potala, Norbu Lingka palaces resumes
Renovation of two major cultural heritage sites in Tibet resumed earlier this month amid warming spring weather after being suspended during the freezing winter, a local official said on Tuesday.
- Get closer look at Dali's thinking, iconography in Turkey
Istanbul's Sakip Sabanci Museum will host a huge modern art exhibition of 270 works by the late Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali later this year, according to media reports Tuesday.
- Wood carving industry thrives in Tianjin villages
Guo Huaishen, a veteran wood sculptor from a small village of Fengtai Town, Ninghe county in north China's Tianjin municipality, is seen attentively carving a wooden horse on March 23, 2008. The craftsmanship handed down from generations in Guo's family has turned into a thriving wood carving industry that helped to enrich the village. At present, there are some 50 people dedicated to this industry in the village. Over 5,000 pieces of works are sold to Beijing and other big cities in Guangdong and Fujian provinces annually.
- French Opera Le Roi d'Ys to be staged
The classic French opera "Le Roi d'Ys" will run from April 3rd to 6th at Beijing's National Center for the Performing Arts. The opera, composed by Lalo, premiered in 1888. Due to its complex staging requirements, the last two performances were held 23 years apart, in 1984 and 2007. The opera is considered a classic French production, but is seen as a mysterious pearl buried under the dust.
- Liu Ye turns 30 on stage
Chinese actor Liu Ye celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday amid greetings from the live audience of his stage play "Amber" in Beijing, Web site Sina.com.cn reported on Monday.
- China's prodigy education project sparks controversy
As 40 newly-joined teenagers are leafing through the college textbooks for a bright academic future, China's unique education program for gifted youngsters has raised controversy about the country's education reform 30 years after it began.
- 'My Shanghai' as seen by migrants' kids
When outsiders try to put a lens on the lives of Shanghai's migrants - a group receiving more attention these days - they may well encounter problems of access and privacy. After all, they're on the outside looking in.
- 'Jianti' and 'fanti' are equally good
At the recent conference of the nation's top advisory body, some cultural elites proposed to add the teaching of fanti characters to the curriculum of elementary schools. In a related case, a Hong Kong representative said the Special Administrative Region should promote the use of "jianti" characters.
- Shanghai World Expo plans 20,000 cultural, arts shows
The 2010 Shanghai World Expo has planned 33 venues for 20,000 performances during the expo period, the organizers said.
- Australian production of musical Cats to move to Xi'an in April
The curtain goes up on Australian production of the world famous West End musical CATS this April in Xi'an, in northwest China.
- New Beijing theater modified for better performance
The interior of Beijing's new Meilanfang Grand Theater has been modified for better performance only three months after its initial completion.
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