- Architects urge permanant awning to protect Peking Man site
Architects have urged that a big awning be built to protect an archaeological site in suburban Beijing where the world-famous skulls of Peking Man were found in the early 20th century.
- Face-lift on Duobao Buddhist Pagoda completed
Duobao Buddhist pagoda in Xiangfan city is a national treasure. But like most cultural edifices dating back hundreds of years, renovations are necessary to maintain the original elegance. The latest overhaul of the Duobao Buddhist Pagoda in central China's Hubei province is complete now.
- Museums open free in Anhui province and Chongqing
China is achieving its goal of opening state-run museums around the country to free admission. Almost 50 museums in Anhui Province and Chongqing Municipality opened to visitors free of charge, Wednesday. Most have already put in place measures aimed at preventing chaos amid the expected visitor boom.
- Stage performance explores drum culture
Beijing's Tianqiao Theatre resounds with rhythm. There's dancing, chanting and colorful lighting. It's the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensembles's "Roar of the Dragon," - a spirited and meticulously drilled drum concert. The performers got the audience going, with flashy costumes, electric motion, and a compelling beat.
- Work begins on belt for Venice bell-tower
Work began in Venice this week to fit a titanium belt to one of the city's most famous landmarks, the bell-tower in St Mark's Square, Italian News Agency ANSA reported on Thursday.
- China unveils 2009 World Stamp Exhibition emblem
The emblem and mascot of the 2009 World Stamp Exhibition were unveiled in China on Wednesday, under the theme "A gathering in the City of Peonies".
- 2008 China Symphony Summit kicks off
The 2008 China Symphony Summit kicked off in Qingdao, a costal city in east China's Shangdong Province on Wednesday, reported on the website of China National Radio.
- Peking Opera enters campus, young generation
There's tangible heritage, like Mount Huangshan World Heritage Site, but there's also intangible heritage - arts, dance and music. These are equally important.
- Flowers greet Shanghai World Expo
A flower exhibition, preparing the way for the 2010 World Expo, opens at the Shanghai Botanic Garden this weekend. Flowers of numerous species will bloom over an area covering 300-thousand square meters. Staff are hard at work, making final arrangements.
- 'Beauty of Qinghai' exhibition attracts HK visitors
China's Qinghai province, one of the country's biggest western territories, is raising its profile in one of the world's most important port cities, Hong Kong. A touring exhibition is introducing Hong Kong to the culture of Qinghai.
- Scholars collect ancient Tibetan literature overseas
Chinese scholars are working to collect, compile and publish ancient Tibetan literature that has been taken overseas due to various reasons, amid efforts to preserve and promote the distinctive Tibetan culture.
- New holiday system set for first test
The country's new holiday scheme will be put to the test next Friday, with the arrival of the Qingming Festival. The celebration, also known as the Tomb Sweeping Festival, joins the Dragon-Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival as the new holidays on this year's calendar, while the once-weeklong May Day holiday is shortened.
- Chinese relics set for debut exhibition in Africa
A selection of Chinese relics is to make its debut in Africa from the end of March to celebrate the tenth anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and South Africa.
- Another Bosnian bridge put on UNESCO's World Heritage List
An old bridge in eastern Bosnia has been put on UNESCO's World Heritage List, the second bridge in the Balkan country after the Old Bridge in Mostar to be recognized by the UNESCO, the organization's chief said in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo on Tuesday.
- Here comes 'Vision Shanghai'
Following the "Vision Beijing" project which involved five internationally acclaimed directors making tribute films for the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai, the host city of the 2010 World Expo, has completed a similar project called "Vision Shanghai."
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