- The tale of the silk moth
Silk is a symbol of both nature and of luxury and materialism. In a dramatic multimedia installation by Qiu Anxiong, a silk moth escapes its silken cocoon prison and returns to nature.
- 'From Mao to Mozart' - Take 2
Thirty years ago, a 10-year-old Shanghai boy starred as a child prodigy in the Academy Award-winning film, "From Mao to Mozart - Isaac Stern in China." Today that "boy," Wang Jian, is an established cellist who will stage a recital next Friday.
- Museum taps water pipe tree history
A "water pipe tree" in Shanghai that is more than 50 years old will be moved into the city's history museum within months after the local community block where it stands was slated for urban reconstruction.
- Peking Opera in schools unnecessary: survey
A Peking Opera project for primary and secondary schools launched by China's Ministry of Education in February has met cold reaction from the public, a recent survey shows.
- Foreign artists still welcome despite Bjork incident
Icelandic singer Bjork's offending support to "Tibet independence" at a Shanghai concert earlier this month won't affect China's policy on inviting foreign artists to come and perform in the country, a senior cultural official said on Thursday.
- Faithful to the original
Professor Howard Goldblatt, acclaimed by some as the most important translator of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, will appear at the global launch of his English translation of Wolf Totem tomorrow in Beijing.
- Olympic poster exhibition opens in Shenyang
A large exhibition exhibiting Olympic poster from the past century kicked off at the Liaoning Provincial Museum in Shenyang on Wednesday.
- Dage added to list of intangible cultural heritage
Weishan county in southwest China's Yunnan province is a centre of exceptional ethnic folk art and primitive simplicity. Dage, a song and dance performance accompanied by a reed pipe, is pleasing to the eye and the ear. Dage has been added to Yunnan's list of intangible cultural heritage.
- Nanchang man completes 2008-meter calligraphy scroll
Liu Mengyin, a famous calligrapher from Nanchang, completed a 2008-meter scroll of calligraphy on Monday afternoon.
- Countryside libraries capture public imagination
After a hard day's work in the potato fields, Shi Zhengchang rushes back to his single-story brick house in the village of Lijiabao, Gansu province, for a quick supper before opening his doors to fellow villagers.
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