People's Procuratorates

The people’s procuratorates in China are state organs for legal supervision. Their organization corresponds to that of the people’s courts. The Procurator-General of the Supreme People Procuratorate is Han Zhubin.

The people’s procuratorates have the right to exercise procuratorial authority. They exercise procuratorial authority over cases seriously endangering state and public security, and infringing upon citizens’ personal and democratic rights, and other important criminal cases; examine the cases scheduled for investigation by public security organs, and decide on whether a suspect should be arrested or not, and whether a case should be prosecuted or exempt from prosecution; institute and support public prosecution in criminal cases; and oversee activities in public security organs, people’s courts, prisons, lockups and reform-through-labor institutions.

The people’s procuratorates, as well as the people’s courts, exercise their own authority, independent of interference by any administrative organ, social organization or individual person. All citizens are equal regarding application of the law.

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