State Council

The State Council, the Central People’s Government, is the highest state administrative body. The State Council carries out the laws enacted and decisions adopted by the NPC and its Standing Committee. The State Council is responsible to the NPC and its Standing Committee, and reports to them on its work. The State Council exercises the following functions and powers: in accordance with the Constitution and statutes, formulates administrative measures, enacts administrative regulations, promulgates decisions and orders; exercises unified leadership over the work of the ministries and commissions and the work of other organizations under its jurisdiction; exercises unified leadership over the work of local state administrative bodies at different levels throughout the country; draws up and implements national economic and social development plans, and the state budget; directs and administers economic work, urban and rural development, and work in education, science, culture, public health, physical culture and family planning; directs and administers civil affairs, public security, judicial administration and supervision, as well as national defense construction; manages foreign affairs and concludes treaties and agreements with foreign states; and in accordance with the law, appoints, removes and trains administrative officers, appraises their work, and rewards or penalizes them. The State Council is composed of the premier, vice-premiers, state councillors, the heads of the various ministries and commissions, the auditor-general and the secretary-general. The organizational structure of the current State Council is as follows:


Vice Premiers
State Councilors

Ministries & Commissions of the State Council

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of National Defense
State Development Planning Commission
State Economic and Trade Commission
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Science & Technology
Commission of Science, Technology & Industry
For National Defense
State Ethnic Affairs Commission
Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of State Security
Ministry of Supervision
Ministry of Civil Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Personnel
Ministry of Labor & Social Security
Ministry of Land & Resources
Ministry of Construction
Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Information Industry
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Health
State Family Planning Commission
People's Bank of China
National Audit Office

Organizations Directly Under the State Council

General Administration of Customs
State Administration of Taxation
State Environmental Protection Administration
General Administration of Civil Aviation of China
State Administration of Radio, Film & Television
State General Administration of Sports
National Bureau of Statistics
State Administration for Industry & Commerce
General Administration of Press and Publication (National Copyright Administration)
State Forestry Administration
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
State Drug Administration
State Intellectual Property Office
National Tourism Administration
State Administration for Religious Affairs
Counselors' Office of the State Council
Government Offices Administration of the State Council

Administrative Offices Under the State Council

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council
Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office of the State Council
Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council
Economic Restructuring Office of the State Council
Research Office of the State Council
Information Office of the State Council
Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

Institutions Directly Under the State Council

Xinhua News Agency
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Chinese Academy of Engineering
Development Research Center of the State Council
National School of Administration
China Seismological Bureau
China Meteorological Administration
China Securities Regulatory Commission
China Insurance Regulatory Commission
National Council for Social Security Fund
National Natural Science Foundation

State Bureaus Under the Jurisdiction of Ministries & Commissions

State Bureau for Letters and Calls
State Administration of Grain
State Tobacco Monopoly Administration
State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
State Oceanic Administration
State Bureau of Surveying & Mapping
State Post Bureau
State Administration of Cultural Heritage
State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
State Administration of Foreign Exchange
State Administration of Work Safety
(State Administration of Coal Mine Safety)
State Archives Administration
National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets


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