China Establishes Law System on Blood Management

China has made great progress in blood management to ensure the supply of safe blood, according to officials with the Ministry of Health (MOH) on August 2.

China has established a series of laws and regulations on blood safety since the 1990s, including the blood donation law, regulations on blood and blood products management, and management regulation on blood supply.

About 3 million people have voluntarily donated blood to save thousands of lives since 1998.

Experts noted that clean and safe blood is far from being enough, and safety problem in blood transfusion remains serious due to illegal blood deals. Diseases transmitted through blood transfusion such as hepatitis B and C, and AIDS, endanger blood users' health.

With the implementation of laws and regulations on blood management, blood transmission safety has improved in China, which also efficiently controlled the spread of AIDS.

(People's Daily 08/03/2001)

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