China on Par with Developed Countries in Genome Research

The latest map and preliminary conclusion on the human genome by experts from China and five developed countries indicate China is on a par with the developed countries in this field, an expert said Monday, February 12.  

Zhang Meng, a spokesman of the Human Genome Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the progress, unveiled late Monday by international sciences news weekly Science and Nature, is the result of international cooperation.  

The research demonstrates the strength of China, the only developing country allowed to join the project, in this advanced research field, said Zhang.  

China's involvement in the latest effort is another contribution to the human genome project (HGP), an international effort to decipher the DNA code that makes up the human body, after it finished sequencing one percent of the whole human genome as arranged, he added.  

Zhang said the latest conclusion is based on the data collected on October 7 last year.  

China's gene sequencing capacity has been greatly improved after it introduced 30 sets of the most advanced "gene sequencers," or gene sequencing machines, from the United States in May, enabling the country to surpass France and Germany in gene sequencing, and placing it fourth after the US, Britain and Japan.  

Yang Huanming, the chief scientist on Chinese side for the HGP, said China has shared the advanced information, resources and techniques with other countries. 

China has built up a complete set of gene sequencing technology and provided a solid basis for further studies on gene sequencing of biological resources, said the professor.

(People's Daily 02/13/2001)

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