Comprehensive Approach to Public Security Endorsed

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have called for enhanced efforts to improve public security through a comprehensive approach.

A joint circular issued on November 18 by the two authorities, listed the major threats to social security in China, including infiltration and sabotage by hostile overseas forces, disturbance by nationalist splittism forces at home and abroad, religious extremists and terrorists through their collusion, as well as by evil cults and criminal gangs.

The circular urges party and government officials at all levels to assume more responsibility for public security in their areas, and warned that performance in this regard will be an important factor in deciding their promotions.

It underscores the importance of crime prevention, including through the establishment of a responsible complaint-addressing mechanism, effective control of weapons, explosives and poisonous substances, and better management of the transient population.

The circular stresses the strengthening of crime-prevention networks at the grassroots level. For example, retirees and other volunteers may be mobilized to help maintain security in their neighborhoods.

(China Daily November 19,2001)

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