To enable international readers to get to know more about China through books in languages they are familiar with, the Chinese government has launched a program for the promotion of Chinese books worldwide, encouraging publishers in different countries to translate and publish Chinese books by granting them subsidies for translation. This catalogue of books has been compiled for the benefit of publishers wishing to know more about the program.
1. This catalogue includes over 1,000 titles published by 20-odd Chinese publishers, covering such fields as philosophy, religion, economy, military affairs, politics, culture, arts and literature. Foreign publishers wishing to translate and publish any of them can apply for subsidies.
2. Contact details for the publishers of the above works, including copyright matters, are listed in the appendix.
3. Having signed a copyright agreement with the relevant Chinese publisher, the publisher abroad may submit an application for subsidy directly either to the Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC, Chinese embassies or consulates, copyright agencies or a Chinese partner.
4. When the application is approved, the Information Office of the State Council of the PRC will sign a publication agreement with the subsidized publisher before granting the subsidy.
A writer once said, “Books are a ladder for human progress.” Books are the most traditional, widespread and popular carrier of culture and a bridge for communication. We hope that this catalogue will greatly facilitate the translation and publication of Chinese books worldwide.
Foreign Languages Press
May 2005
  Classics, Philosophy, Religion, and Social Sciences
  Military Affairs
  Politics and Law
  Culture and Education
  History and Biography
  Geography and Tourism
  Natural Science
  Engineering and Technology
  Medical Science and Health
  Picture Albums
  Books for Children
  Comprehensive Encyclopedias
  Appendix: Names of Publishers in This Catalogue
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