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Police Uncover Falun Gong Diehards' New Way of Spreading Message

Diehards of the outlawed Falun Gong cult in the Chinese mainland have been found using new self-made devices to secretly spread messages under the guidance of overseas bases of the cult, headed by Li Hongzhi, according to the police.

Police have discovered and confiscated the devices in Beijing and another ten provinces in the country and closed down the underground nests where the cult diehards assembled, stored and distributed the devices.

Each device, which works like a tape player, is composed of loudspeaker, amplifier circuit, player, timer and storage battery, which were purchased and assembled by the die-hard elements of the cult, said police.

They usually deposit the devices near rehabilitation houses and government department buildings, in parks, schools and other public places to broadcast Li Hongzhi's instructions through remote control and timer.

Police investigations show that Gu Xiufang, a Falun Gong cult diehard in Beijing who uses "Gu Hui" as alias when carrying out missions, started in March to purchase the required components and connected with fellow Falun Gong members to assemble and distribute the devices after she received direction from Falun Gong's web site.

Gu told police that she got from the web site detailed direction about the whole plan and how to make the devices.

The Chinese government has officially banned the Falun Gong cult, which has led more than 1,000 followers to commit suicide or self-immolation. So far, most Falun Gong followers in China have cut ties with the cult and returned to their normal lives.

The Falun Gong overseas organization headed by Li Hongzhi is very worried about losing followers on the mainland and the purpose of these devices is to increase their voice, said Gu.

(People's Daily November 01,2001)

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