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China to Issue Law on "Grain for Green" Project
China has sped up drafting laws and regulations to help manage its afforestation projects in farmland areas.
Shanghai Courts Start to Use Gavel
According to the rules of the Supreme People抯 Court, courts at various levels in Shanghai started to use a gavel as required when hearing a case on June 1.
Beijing Court Accepts Largest Stock Price Manipulation Case
The stock manipulation case by Shenzhen-based "China Venture Capital", dubbed the largest one in China's securities history, has been accepted recently by the Beijing Municipal No. 2 Intermediate People's Court.
Law to Protect Farmers' Rights
A draft regulation governing the national campaign to convert farmland to forest and grasslands will be submitted for deliberation and approval this year.
Laws Revised to Meet WTO
The Chinese Government reiterated yesterday that it is sparing no efforts to further accelerate the revision and abolishment of laws and regulations that run counter to the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.
New Regulations to Protect Workers' Health
A new regulation was enforced Sunday to help improve the health of employees working with poisonous and dangerous materials. The regulation, issued by the State Council, is expected to reduce the increasing number of diseases brought about by poisonous materials in the workplace.
Rules Set for Criminals on Probation
China has enacted its first regulations detailing procedures which must be followed by administrators and supervisors dealing with criminals during their probationary period.
China's Top Legislator Urges Rational Use of Mineral Resources
China's top legislator Li Peng on Thursday urged the country to abide by laws on mineral resources, and protect and make efficient use of such resources.
This Law's a 'Beauty'
Beauty pursuers please note: Starting today, any cosmetic surgery, like double-line eyelids or enlarging breast size, is defined as medical service which can only be done at medical institutes rather than beauty salons, as a new national regulation on such services takes effect.
Legislators Revise Laws on Imports and Exports
National legislators yesterday approved revisions to the 13-year-old law on the inspection of imports and exports in order to unify inspection standards on foreign and domestic goods.

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