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New Team of Hong Kong Principal Officials Appointed
The State Council, China's central government, has appointed principal officials of the second government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
Police Roust Stowaways in East China
Frontier police in East China's Fujian Province acted swiftly to curb illegal emigration since a nationwide campaign against human smuggling began April 1.
Consumer Protection Bill Gets New Input
The newly-revised draft of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Regulation for the first time includes training programs, apartments and online serivces on its supervision list while also covering a recall system for defective goods.
Curtain Lifts on Les Miz
The curtain rises Saturday night on the first full-scale Broadway musical to be staged in Shanghai, as Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Les Miserables" kicks off a run of 21 shows at the Shanghai Grand Theater.
Beijing Opens Door to Job Agencies
The Beijing municipal government gave the green light on Wednesday to foreign companies wishing to open employment agencies in the Chinese capital. Foreign human-resources companies could do business in conjunction with local certified human-resources companies.
HK, Guangzhou Hit Illegal Soccer Betting
The Guangdong province is joining hands with Hong Kong police in cracking down on illegal soccer betting during the month-long World Cup, which began on May 31.
Beijing to Double Sewage Treatment Capacity for 2008 Olympics
Beijing is planning to double its sewage treatment capacity by the year 2005 as part of its efforts to become a clean and environmentally-friendly host of the 2008 Olympics.
Shanghai Civil Servants Face Challenge of Speaking Mandarin
Speak standard Chinese or lose your job - this is the hard choice 150,000 civil servants in China's largest city Shanghai must face in the next two years.
Sichuan Becomes Greener
Sichuan is a province located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. After years of arduous efforts, its forest coverage rose to 24.33 percent in 2000 from 21 percent in 1995, and is expected to reach 28 percent in 2005 and top 30 percent by 2010.
Southwestern Chinese City to Open Key State Sectors
In possibly the boldest move yet in breaking China's state monopolies, the southwestern city of Chengdu is to allow private capital and foreign investment into key sectors, including infrastructure, telecommunications, electric power and gas.

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