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Residence Permits FAQ
- How to Get a Green Card in China?
- Who Can Apply for a Green Card in China?
- Could You Give Me a Brief Introduction of Non-criminal Certification of Foreigners During the Period of Their Living in China?
- Is Temporary Accommodation Registration Needed for a Foreigner?
- What to Do If I Lose My Passport?
- What to Do If I Lose My Belongings in Beijing?
- Can I Bring My Furniture?
- How to Bargain in Beijing?
- How to Use 110, 119, 122?
- Taxi Survival Skills
- How to Register for Dog-raising?
- How to Get Married in China?
- How to Apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship?
Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes
Assorted Vegetables Wrapped in Lettuce
Cut carrots, mushrooms, and ham into small cubes. Add the salt, sugar, soy sauce and stir-fry. Put aside. Quickly boil the lettuce.
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Life in Pictures
Tourists Enjoy Snow and Ice World
Holidaymakers Enjoy Sunshine in Sanya
90-year-old American Lady Donates Money to E.China
Quick Fact About China
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