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Zhang Huaixi

Wang Xuan

Group Discussions of CPPCC Members to Be Held on March 5 and March 6

World Bank President Speaks at Peking University

Development Gateway -- A Place to Put Knowledge and Ideas Together

Internet Portal to Help Narrow Digital Divide, Finance Minister Says

Building International Communication and Cooperation Through the China Development Gateway

Mail Competition Both Good and Bad

China and the US: A Unique Relationship

Real WTO Challenges for China Will Be Cultural, Economics Professor Says

Traffic Congestion in Beijing: What to Do?

Unawarded First Prize, Positive or Negative?

Japanese Yen's Devaluation Hurts Neighbours: Experts

Commentary: Injecting Fresh Vigor into World Economy

Commentary: Promoting APEC Development on "Two Wheels"

Peaceful Solution Benefits Both Sides

Terrorist Attack on US: Turning-Point in Post-Cold War Pattern

India Needs to Eliminate 'Anxiety About China'

Jiang's DPRK Visit Yields Major Influence on Northeast Asian Strategic Pattern

Media Have a Duty to Uncover Accidents: Opinion

Japanese PM's Shrine Visit: A Move Challenges Justice

Commentary: Koizumi's Worry Move to Visit Controversial Shrine

Solving Disputes in Non-Lawsuit Way Is of Far-reaching Significance

US Monetary Policy: Gloom or Bloom?

Why IOC Picks Beijing?

US Expert: The Danger of Chilling China

Textbooks Spark Further Disquiet

Serbia: Why not Protect Milosevic?

Laws Aim to End Confessions Under Torture

Expert on Achievements and Development of "Shanghai Five" Mechanism

Scholar on Recent Sino-US Relations

Experts: Taiwan Leader "Pawn" of Forces Against China

What Decides Sino-US Relations?

Free Car Pricing to Stir up Domestic Car Competition

Memory of May 8th Martyrs

Experts: US Defeat Not Surprising

US Missile Shield a Dangerous Plan

US Arms Sales to Taiwan Escalate Cross-Straits Tension

People's Daily Calls US Arms Sales "Despicable Breach of Faith"

Pride and Prejudice

"Foreign Weapons" Cannot Build a "Taiwan Independence Force": Army Daily

Arms Sales to Taiwan Violate Agreements

Arms Sales to Taiwan Benefits No One

Planned Visit Has Vicious Motive

Power Politics in Disguise of Human Rights Doomed to Failure

US Seriously Violates International Law

US Economic Slowdown Impacts Little on Chinese Exports

Regional Protectionism Weakening State Capacity

Animal Safety, World Concern

Professor Su Zhenxing: New Idea for Poverty Relief

Let's See How the Matter Will Be Wound Up: Commentary

China's WTO Entry Another Phase of Globalization

Migrant Rural Labor Needs Better Channeling

Economic Globalization and Asia Forum

NMD System to Trigger New Arms Race

New Century Won't Be Serene

International Arms Control and Disarmament: Retrospect and Prospect (1)

International Arms Control and Disarmament: Retrospect and Prospect(2)

Role of Development in Peace-Building Stressed

Bush’s Team Must Resist the Temptation to Play by Yesterday’s Rules

Experts Warn of Warming Climate

Sino-US Relations Traverse Rough and Rugged Road

Peace, development challenges Asia-Pacific

Li Peng's India Visit: A Journey for Understanding, Friendship, Cooperation

Falun Gong Ban Legal,Based on People's Will

Image of Asian Americans and Asians in US Media

VoIP in China

China Greets New Century with Hope, Confidence

Russia Enjoys Stability With Powerful President in 2000

Review of Cross-Strait Relations in 2000

Review of 2000 World Economic Situation

Chinese Strategists on Global Security Situation

Example of Neighborly and Friendly Cooperative Relations

Will China's Economy Rebound?

China--Major Power in International Arena

World Needs 'Common Win' Economic Globalization

Human Rights Watch's Report Unfair, Irresponsible

Time not Ripe to Make ``Sexual Bribery'' a Crime in China

Little Possibility for Faster Economic Growth Globally in 2001

Marching Toward New Goals

Sexual Bribery Must Be Made a Crime in China

History Cannot Be Distorted

Real Tibet Under Sunshine

Acceptance of One-China Principle: Only Way for Breaking Deadlock

Look West for Economic Answers

Next Five-Year Plan Should Address Ten Issues

The Influence of Rocketing Oil Prices on China

West Should Chart New Course

Fighting Monstrous Poverty with Concerted Efforts

Striving to Realize Sino-Japanese Friendship for Generations to Come

Reactionary Nature of Falun Gong Cult Exposed

50-Year Sino-African Friendly Relations

Sino-Cuban Friendship Lasts as Long as Universe

Economic Globalization and China

Preparations for WTO Accession Needed

New Century Calls for New International Order

Four Doubts Related to the Kursk Tragedy

Shrinking Back From Difficulties Is Sensible

US' Taiwan Policy Hurting Ties

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