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Two Teens Detained for Arson in Web Cafe
Two teenage boys started the fire that killed 24 people at an Internet cafe in a Beijing university district because the staff would not let them surf there, the municipal government official said on Wednesday.

Humanitarian Aid Benefits Children
A project carried out by the Italian government as part of its humanitarian aid to developing countries has helped Chinese doctors save the lives of local children and improve the quality of medical services available to them.

Celebrate Children's Day
Thousands of Chinese school children stand at attention during a ceremony to celebrate China Children's Day, at Beijing's Tiananmen Square Friday on May 31, 2002. The event took place a day earlier actual International Children's Day, which falls on June 1.

China Has 290 Million Children
Children in a kindergarten in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province stage a fashion show on Wednesday to promote environmental protection. All the clothes are made of used calendars and paper boxes. Figures from the 2000 population census show that China had nearly 290 million children under the age of 14, who accounted for 22.89 percent of the total population.

China Has 290 Million Children
Figures from the 2000 population census show that China had nearly 290 million children under the age of 14, who accounted for 22.89 percent of the total population.

China Expands Compulsory Education in Rural Areas
The Chinese government will put five billion yuan (US$603.89 million) before the end of 2005 into the second phase of its project to promote compulsory education, to help students in rural areas have schooling, Ministry of Education sources said in Beijing on Thursday. The project will cover 522 county-level places in 19 provinces and regions in central and western parts of China.

Breathless Under Heavy Burden
The young generation in China are suffering at the hands of well-intentioned parents, who confine them to small indoor spaces to study endlessly.

More Efforts Made for a Better World for Children
China will continue to work along with the international community for building a world that is more suitable for children's growth, a senior Chinese official said at the 58th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights on Wednesday.

Foreign Friends Aid Chinese Students
Chinese boy Kang Le(middle) poses for a picture with foreign primary students from the United States who donated their pocket money for Kang's schooling in Shanghai March 25, 2002. It is a part of the 15th charity activity launched by 122 foreign friends and organizations from 16 countries and regions to aid 231 excellent Chinese students in Shanghai who are from poor families.

Children Make Donations Towards Beijing Green Belt
After hearing about the sandstorms which recently swept Beijing, children of Jinan in east China's Shandong Province have started donating their pocket money to help establish a green sand break for the nation's capital.

Parental Guidance Necessary for Harry Potter Fans
Straddling a broom on a balcony and ready to fly, a nine-year-old boy in Lanzhou of northwest China, is itching to have Harry Potter's magic. According to Wang Sihua, an expert on child psychology, the best way to prevent children mimicking dangerous actions is to guide them when they watch movies and read novels.

China Opens First Teenager Clinic
China's first clinic for teenagers opened in Beijing Saturday to cater to their special needs. The clinic has departments of gynecology, maternity, urology, pediatrics and psychological consultation, among others.

Nanjing Primary School Students Prefer Exams Under New Reforms
Primary schools in Nanjing have introduced reforms in their testing of students that are proving popular among both students and administrators. School principals say the exams offer a rewarding experience while students themselves are even raising hands to ask for more exams.

Educating Foreign Children in Beijing
The educational choices available to parents of foreign children in Beijing are many and varied, and range from bilingual kindergartens to university education. But can they afford it? Yvonne Gluyas takes an in-depth look for Beijing Review.

New Generation of Children Dumping "Dumb English"
Compared with their parents who studied English mainly for exams, children of China today have changed their way into learning-for-use. They will better meet the demands after China's entry into World Trade Organization.

Survivor Twin Girl Walks Home
The baby girl, who has survived an operation separating her from the joint head she once shared with her twin sister from birth, yesterday leaved her savior hospital in Guangzhou with her happy parents. The malformed twins' operation, performed in Guangzhou's Chongshan NO.1 Hospital last November, is the first ever successful case of its kind in the nation. It is also one of the world's few successful operations separating twins with a joint head.

Children Enjoy Books in Granny Li's Reading Room
Sandwiched between a popular cinema and the staid office building of the local government, Li Guizhen's tiny reading room goes unnoticed by most bustling urbanites. But for the kids in town, it's a haven of fairy tales and adventure.

Children at Kindergarten in Qinghai
Children from the Xining Welfare House of Qinghai Province arrive at the Xinle Kindergarten in the city on December 30. They were invited to celebrate New Year with kids at the kindergarten.

Blind Chinese Girl Publishes Second Book
China's first blind teenage author,a 13-year-old girl in Shanghai,has recently published a new book,her second since her collection of fairy tales was published last year.

Taiwan Children Going Hungry
Authorities in Taipei, Taiwan Province's capital city, are striving to keep children from dropping out of school or going hungry because their parents recently lost jobs amid record high unemployment.

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