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Learning Chinese

Two Teens Detained for Arson in Web Cafe

Humanitarian Aid Benefits Children

Celebrate Children's Day

China Has 290 Million Children

China Has 290 Million Children

China Expands Compulsory Education in Rural Areas

Breathless Under Heavy Burden

More Efforts Made for a Better World for Children

Foreign Friends Aid Chinese Students

Children Make Donations Towards Beijing Green Belt

Parental Guidance Necessary for Harry Potter Fans

China Opens First Teenager Clinic

Nanjing Primary School Students Prefer Exams Under New Reforms

Educating Foreign Children in Beijing

New Generation of Children Dumping "Dumb English"

Survivor Twin Girl Walks Home

Children Enjoy Books in Granny Li's Reading Room

Children at Kindergarten in Qinghai

Blind Chinese Girl Publishes Second Book

Taiwan Children Going Hungry

Turning Troubled Kids Around

Poor Students Return to School

Cartoons, Big Influence on Study Abroad

Foreign Teachers Introduced Into Shanghai Kindergartens

Forum on Juvenile Protection Law Held in Beijing

How Young Is Too Young for Bilingual Education?

Educators Worry About Influence of Cartoons on Children

Expense of Raising a Child Worries Young Chinese Couples

Childhood Life in the Village for Immigrants

Dr. Jane Goodall Attends an Activity in Beijing

Is It Wise to Home-school Children?

Children of Family Planning Generation Enjoying Better Education

High Expectation Leads to Students' Obsession

Chinese Parents Favor Saving Babies' Cord Blood

Medical Cards Cover Children in Need

Physical Education More Flexible in Chinese Schools

UNICEF Donates to Help Education

Shanghai Enhances Efforts for Children's Development

Evidence Points to Child-Labor Law Violation in Shanghai

State Plans Six-fold Increase in Education Funding

Bring Children to Nature

Guangdong Shows the Way: Free Public Education for Children

Cord Blood Saves Girl Suffering From Leukemia

Children Start Cross-Straits Summer Camp

Baseball Helps Keep Tokyo-Beijing Youth in Touch

Kids World 2001 in Beijing

Chinese Children to See New Curriculum

Care Network for Infants Operational

China ‘Says Yes’ for Children

Children Hold Beacon of Hope for the Future

Overseas Youth Seek Their Chinese Roots

Children Indulging in TV Tend to Suffer Obesity

Students Win Gold Medals in World Math Olympiad

Record Heart Surgery for Boy

Sound and Light Fill in Holiday

A School With Only One Student

Primary Schools to Go Online

Heed to Children’s Psychological Health

Children's Growth Woes

Young Lion Dancers

Chinese Kids Need More Imagination Education

Computer-aided Painting for Children

China Awards 10 Outstanding Youth

Urban Children Lack Courage for Innovation: Survey

May I Have Your Attention Please

More Young People Catch Eye Diseases

City Students Close to Country Life

Toy Companies Urged to Meet Safety Standards

Kindergarten Fire Kills 13 Children in Jiangxi Province

Shopping Spree for Children’s Day

More Efforts Add to Children’s Safety

Smoking Ban on Juveniles

Special Fund for Children's Leukemia Set Up

Happiness for Blind Children in Tibet

Children’s Welfare House in Tibet

Plush Toys Fall Short of Standards

Future Bright for Children

Listening to the Voices of Children

Students Call for Healthy Internet Use

Boy Hailed as Hero

Parents Opt for Higher-Cost Education

Program Worked Out to Better Children’s Condition

Fishermen’s Children Go to School

Children Perform Peking Opera

Extend Your Hands to Needy Kids

Sex Education Needs More Attention

Guarding Children’s Interests

Snack Bag Gifts Pose Threat to Children

Twin Brothers Left Hospital

Working to Prevent Sexual Abuse Against Children

Plan Targets Newborn Diseases

Government Sets Sights on Teenage Crime Rate

Out-of-Class Activities Must Expand

200 Schools Get Facelift

Infant Death Rate Keeps Falling

Explosion Survivors Resume Schooling

Accidents Top Cause of Children’s Deaths

Truth Behind School Explosion Known

Chinese Kids Admire Scientists Most

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