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- Preserving a tradition
China has a long history of paper cut art, but the tradition needs help to survive in modern times.The Chinese folk art of paper cutting, which uses scissors and knives to cut out patterns on paper, has been a major source of decoration in Chinese farm households for more than a thousand years, and has become an important form of artistic expression for farmers, especially women.
- Digital arts assembly in Shanghai
The eastern Chinese metropolis of Shanghai is to hold what it claims to be the biggest digital arts festival in the world.
- China's largest non-official jade exhibition opens
A jade galloping dear, produced during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), is displayed at China's largest non-official exhibition of jade items. The show opened in Beijing on Tuesday, October 9, 2007.
- Presidential paper-cut goes on tour
A paper-cut work crafted by Chinese President Hu Jintao will go to a folk art show next month in central Hubei Province. The work, representing a woman on her way to her parents' home, was made on the eve of this year's Spring Festival during Hu's visit to a village in western Gansu Province, said a Hubei Daily report.
- Photo exhibition of Chinese people's life opened in Cairo
A photo exhibition, "Chinese people's life through camera," held in Cairo Opera House. On the opening ceremony on Saturday, Egyptian Culture Minister Farouq Hosni hailed China's great achievements in social and economic sectors and expected more bilateral cooperation in the economic and cultural fields.
- Wild west America to be shown in China
The MIC, in collaboration with the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, is hosting an exhibition featuring landscapes and history, and cowboys' and Native Americans' way of life in the western United States.
- Spanish age of chivalry on display in Beijing
The Chinese people will soon have a taste of chivalric art and culture in Beijing when weaponry from the Royal Armoury Museum in Madrid goes on display from Oct. 29 as part of the "Year of Spanish Culture", the Palace Museum announced on Thursday.
- 'Beijing welcomes you' exhibition opens in Cameroon
Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon Huang Changqing presided Monday over the official opening of a photo exhibition entitled "Beijing welcomes you," within the framework of marking the 58th anniversary since the founding of the People's Republic of China.
- Britain unveils final design for Expo pavilion
Britain has chosen a fascinating cube design with space-age lighting for its national pavilion at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, British Consul-General in Shanghai Carma Elliot announced yesterday.
- Geared up and fine-tuned musicality
Vincent van Gogh is working on one of his famous paintings, Sunflower, when, to his astonishment, the flowers he is painting begin to spin. The puzzled painter sits back in disbelief until the whirring blossoms stop moving.
- Singapore design exhibition to show Hybricity Singapore in beijing
A dress made by metal and plastic materials and landscape paintings by plywood, and all of these "strange" art works will be shown in Beijing next month.
- National treasures exhibition
- Beijing Olympics photo exhibition held in Berlin
A photo exhibition called "New Beijing, New Olympics" has opened in the German capital Berlin.
- Qin's Army Rules Britannia
Derick McGroarty stared in astonishment at a 2,200-year-old, life-size standing terracotta soldier. "It's fabulous to see them face to face," says McGroarty at the The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army exhibition that opened at the British Museum in London, yesterday.
- A Towering Figure in Chinese History
Qinshihuang, First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), is a crucial figure in China's long history. In 221 BC he conquered the warring kingdoms to create an empire.
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